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Im waiting 3months now for my package, and the info does not give you correct information of where my package is. Its says COMPLETE ARRIVE GROUND CLEARANCE???


i order my parcel on October 2018 even now I did get it

Wrong parcel

I bought electrical car jack but they sent some blastic parts of 250 gram box Scam company bad experience


Waitting for 38 days at the end i received a charger 1$ instead of a toyof 70$ plus they asked me to pay feez R u Joking with us ?


Ook deze bestelling laat lang op zich wachten.

Niks ontvangen

Na 40 dagen nog steeds niks ontvangen.

No he recibido el pedido completo

Solo recibi parte del pedido pero me faltan mas de la mitad de los articulos, que puedo hacer .

Very late delivery. Poor service

My consignment no is RG964871027CN. The material is in transit for 58 days and no update from last 38 days. I was told it will be delivered to me in 25 days and it has still not reached. This is my 2nd letter for asking about the exact update of my parcel. Please tell me when will I get the parcel.

Shipment Nowhere to be Found

The tracking shows that on Jan 10, 2019, the item is enroute to delivery office, and that was THE LAST tracking update I received. Its now almost FEBRUARY and still no word or update as to where the package is. I still have not received it up to now!

my order !!!

I did not get it, I waited a whole month, and I did not get anything yet !!!!??

Its to late

I make order about horse game for my son from 20dayes later and not recive it tel now what i can do about this

When the horse arrive

Its to late .today its 20day i order it but not arrive

What ordered n what received

I ordered for ebike against the payment of USD 99.98 but I was surprised when I received a mobile charger cable which costs USD 10.00 Where is the wrong happen. If it is in notice please let me know.


My Package ID number RG966344448CN. I received a message on December 13th "Already handed over to airlines for transportation" Since then, no news about my package.

My order is late

I payed more money to send my item fast but you do not do it

" on route to its destination." ????

It's the evening, 5th of Jan. I have three updates, all dated the 28th. That's it.... In the blue strip above the info box, it states that it's in it's 9th day & when hovering the cursor over that, it states that " is on route to its destination." So then we go back to the info area & on the top left, Destination Country -, whelp, I have "Not Found"

Very bad experience

This is the worest courier company ever, till now i didn't receive my shipment or anyone contact me

Order 14405 tracking RY470395028CN

I can not follow my order.

Extremely delayed delivery

My experience is very bad, i haven’t received my order till today and the last update on your website is 16 Dec and now we are 30th December

very bad services

I didn't get my order while no one reply me before a few monthes
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