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Ricevi aggiornamenti in tempo reale sui pacchetti China Post. L'API di tracciamento TrackingMore offre un servizio di monitoraggio one-stop raccogliendo tutti i dati di tracciamento su un'unica pagina.


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Excellent !

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please send the order to Macedonia. LZ259029415CN

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Eccellente spedizioniere con moltissimi dettagli nei trasferimenti. Complimenti !!!

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they are definitely sketchy to order from and i probably won’t do it again but my order has been delivered to canada post so it’s going good so far.

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Great site, parcel tracked from China to my door step in New Zealand with email update that it had been delivered. Most companies tracking stops once it enters a different country.

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very good !!!!

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I received my package from Newchic without s and with good follow-up. I was happy with the clothes, although not all of them were quite as I expected. I think they were a little large in size, but not nokk that I care to replace them.

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Rebecca Marie

Classic example of entitled prejudice in America. I ordered a pastel rainbow faux fur area rug from this company, I think in July 2020? and did not have to pay for shipping. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and it is coming from overseas probably by boat, because that is cheaper to ship that way. By sea is much slower. But, that\'s what you get for being cheap. My package arrived today. September 17th 2020. Exactly as described. Exactly what I ordered, even better. The back has non-slip grip rubber which will be perfect for my sunroom ceramic tiling, and it can go in my washing machine when my pets soil it. I will buy from this company again. Anyone having doubts reading what these impatient idiots have been writing; feel free to message me for proof via screen shots regarding; invoice with proof of purchase, tracking number, picture of the rug as it arrived today, and packaging it arrived in with label. It is legit, but it is not instant. Don\'t expect immediate package and bash the company over the internet, and even worse, never come back and update when it arrives because you feel dumb.

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I received my package yesterday. It was exactly what I ordered, without damage or error

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After waiting for 85 days, Had really forgot about this order. I ordered brown brows BUT received black brows. NO MORE FACEBOOK ORDERING !!! Trying to contact the seller in China is a joke

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They usually arrive in 3week. I think it’s the best way for ordering to Hungary. It’s also registered. BIIIIIG RESPECT for them!

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18 day to get my order to homer Alaska

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Cool cat

Really great service

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It always takes time when ordering from overseas. 35 days from order to delivery. Patience is key.

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j\'ai acheté des chaussures que l\'on ne trouve pas dans les magasins habituels en France J\'avais quelques craintes pour ce qui concerne surtout les délais de livraison J\'ai reçu le colis sous 12 jours et suis très satisfait du produit acheté. très bon suivi également du colis Bref, je renouvellerais d\'autres commandes et recommande particulièrement le site de vente

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