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Don't give up!!!

Ordered my Wind Chime on April 30th it finally arrived 54 days later.....under the circumstances I understood why......

Got mine today.

It takes time. World on lockdown. It's not going to be instant delivery. Came in today through smartpost FedEx.

Yes, things take time

When I was a child and ordered things from catalogs, they always said 4 to 6 weeks. That is what it took. We are spoiled by immediate deliveries. Some things take time.


Still waiting never received

Total scam

Unless my order was tied to a camels ass it should have been here may moons ago. Will never do business with such a poor company again.

Reply Pissed off

Welcome to my status it\'s crazy even if we are in lock down it shouldn\'t take this long. I will never purchase from them again. Lesson learned

Very disappointed in company

Was notified r Said that order was delivered but never received. Sad!

Bad shipping

Don't be in a hurrying to receive items. It takes months to recieve.


Over 2 month since ordered still no product


No update to even track last update June 1

The Worst

I cannot believe how long it takes for this shipping service to get a package delivered. From what I've read in other reviews, there isn't anyone who has been anything but dissatisfied. I am contacting the supplier with whom I originally placed my order & inform them that I will never make any futher purchases from them. I am considering requesting a refund since they recieved payment immediately but cannot find a more efficient shipping/delivery service.

Shipping time sucks.

Shipping time sucks ass. Finally received it today after ordering it guessing 2 months ago. Piss poor shipping time.

Never again from you

Very disappointed it’s not the same bro they show it’s an ugly cheap ass bra it looks a 5.00 bra

Pissed Off !!!

You don’t deserve even a star! When I ordered this stuff, I have dark hair ! it’s turned grey waiting for this shit! The worst !!! People.. anything sponsored by Facebook .. forget it and discard !!!better tracking? .. bull! Up to now I don’t know which part of the China sea this order is floating in!!


Takes forever even with expedited shipping lesson learned

Don’t order from here

I ordered something at the beginning of May and still have not received it.I contacted them for my money back,and they told me I couldn’t get a refund because it already been shipped out, but it still says it’s in China.I never even knew I was ordering out of China

Bad bad bad

No star the do nothing but collect money so far.

Lack of assistance

This is very bad, no email, got tracking #, but does not work. I am over a month out. Time to call BBB.


How is it I can receive an eBay package from the same country in 4 days but have to wait 40+ days for the product from you??? And I didn’t want to give even 1 star but couldn’t post this review without giving at least 1! I guess that’s clever on your company’s part or just another way to deceive people. Ass holes!!!!

Don't deserve any stars!

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and my merchandise was in town on 6/4 & not delivered because I was home! I tracked my merchandise and now it's in Monument, Co.!? WTH, Quick to take money and not deliver in a timely manner. Incompetence! My address is correct, not hard to find if delivery service know how to use a map!

Shipping data

My order has bee stuck imvhina with no movement for a week. If I don't seem major progress in the next 72 hours I will cancel the credit card payment and you can keep the product in china
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