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For any readers on this webpage, as commented by TheyFakeTheirRatings, this logistic company forces anyone who wants to put a comment on this and also any other platforms with a rating system regarding ComOne Express no matter the country of operations to give a rate of 5 stars which they do not deserve(The only way you can give a bad review on them is still forcefully give a 5 star since they won't remove it to keep the rating high at all times as they won't read your comments in the first place). If you think this user and I are lying, try post a random comment with a rating at 4 stars or lower on this site and watch as it will not get through(until they read this and enabled it again). ComOne Express had done this enforced rate to comment or disable/delete negative comments on multiple websites with a review system they are involved in especially in websites owned by China. For anyone who managed to read through this, please be aware of the other sites which has been commented on ComOneExpress that contains a 5 star rating with a positive outlook are completely falsified and exagerated claims as you should be noted when even the google reviews with the 5 stars rating are either blank/commented they are capable(normally these blank or good reviews are artificially inflated by their staff, so do not take to any comments above 2 stars that mentions this company to be average or good to be genuine when it points out this company's performance) or users asking this company on the condition of their package(the most common comment on any other platforms). For anyone who puts themself to have this logistics company as their designated logistic company, do not put your trust in this company who even till this day since their founding on 2016 continue to fake and boosted their reviews as a business practice since even the chinese government will meet out corporate punishment for doing this.

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I wont go into full details on what and how this so called logistic expert handles their customer base, I mean even as I typed this message you are reading, you aren't allow to rate this lower than 4 star otherwise there won't be any visible comment thus shows how low and far they will fake their service and on any other platforms that lets you review them that will delete this but here are the brief description: 1.Customer service is horrible ever since its founding 2.Its lack of having a delivery schedule(IMPORTANT) 3.Their lorry driver's only task is delivering your goods not to assist you(unload and carry them using a trolley especially if you are a small business owner who is understaffed) 4.Their delivery of your cargo comes in sessions not bulks(in other words your 10 boxes of cargo will get split into 5 boxes,4 boxes and 1 boxes in three weeks that may occur months apart). 5. Any damage suffered during oversea transportation will not be informed to youespecially if they mentioned that the cargo condition was perfect before picking them up

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Qi Qi


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Qi Qi


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Where is my Parcel? Pls do UPDATE the Parcel Movement at all time. Customers / Owners NEED to know about it.

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great. No complaints so far unlike for other couriers. can\'t wait to open my box.

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