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Don’t bother with express shipping

Got express shipping and paid for the insurance on it. It was supposed to take 2-4 days. I ordered it on 9/10 and it’s 9/20 and still not here.

Not willing to go the extra step

Had personal items left in shop unable to pickup due to typhoon closing down most of Hongkong Wednesday afternoon, unable to get next day due to flying to Singapore. Completed online DHL pickup information and contacted shop to inform them and giving authority for DHL pickup to forward to Singapore. I was unable to print and forward DHL label as would be the normal case for goods but both store and DHL had con note number where DHL could have got any information they required. DHL would not complete pickup due to store not having this label and DHL would not go the extra step to help. I understand the pickup would not have been to the standard expected normally by DHL but due to the reasons around this pickup and DHL where aware I mistakenly thought DHL might have gone the extra step and shown great customer service but this was not the case.

Nice people

People who are working in this shipping company can really bring you what service you want. They are very professional and know well about their businesses.