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Martina Calissi

Buon corriere, consegnato con un paio di giorni di ritardo, però tutto ok

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bravissimi e velocissimi, il pacco è arrivato prima della data prevista

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Very Good

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The last several packages I have received from FedEx has been late. Why pay for quicker delivery, when it comes later then if I did normal delivery.

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Excellent... Received as scheduled

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Thanks for your delivery during these rough times.

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Bill W

Very fast delivery. Driver was pleasant to talk to.Will use FedEx for everything.Thank you

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FedEx is usually just fast but found them warp speed if they are getting backed up, and never had a shippment come to my town (west coast) then, some how get on a truck and go to the east coast!!.. glad some of my shippers use FedEx! Shawn

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FedEx did a awesome job delivering my sister\'s package to her place in a timely manner:) Thank you very much, so appreciate your company! Keep up the good work:)

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I just received my order today. They deliver the products just exact showed on the website. Very good quality and fast shipping. I already bookmarked this website for future purchase. Good job. Thanks

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Best delivery ever!!

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Great Great Great Great Great

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Still waiting

I remember the days when ordering via FedEx, one coul anticipate a timely delivery from slmost anywhere. Now they have garbage such as smartpost, etc, which has only reduced the once-respected FedEx of old. The tracking is rarely if ever updated anymore. Sad truth, but from now on, I will just trust the good ole expected to be slow USPS

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The Real Tom Steele

Sent parcel from Edmonton AB to San Jose CA. By land 5 business days as was told. With Covid and the fires, I was surprised arrived in 5 days. Tracking system worked perfectly. Cost was the same as mail, maybe a bit less. Can\'t say enough good things about FedEx. Excellent service.

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double a

thank you for delivering my package in good shape and timely

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Thank you FedEx, you are always dependable and reliable and I appreciate your service very much! Sincerely!

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Excellent up dates

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It took full month but I did receive it in good condition.

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I ordered a total of 4 chairs, in two different shipments (since they were a little more expensive than what I would normally spend on a dinning chair. I ordered them about two weeks apart) my first package arrived last week without issue. The box was a little beat up but that is not unusual if you know anything about shipping itms cross-country. The two chairs inside were in perfect condition. Each chair had a strip of foam wrapped around every part of it that could scratch or be damaged by the other chair rubbing against it. All I had to do was cut off the packaging and the chairs were ready to go! They are absolutely stunning and I will also mention that I did do my research before ordering from this company and they did have the lowest price of any other company online for these chairs. (Which is why I ordered from them) I have been sent an email from the company every step of the way and a txt message from Fedex every step of the way. I have asked a few questions by responding to these emails and my questions have always been answered promptly and with helpful and relevant information. I just received notification today that my second shipment (my second set of chairs) has arrived in California and is now on its way. Since I just received the package that I ordered a week before this one, last week, it does appear that everything is going smoothly and on schedule. It’s super surprising to me that a company I have had literally zero problems with could be responsible for ALL of the issues that people are complaining about on this page. I order online frequently and I would have to say that this companies service, responsiveness and quality have been exceptional. I look forward to receiving my second package and based on how everything has gone so far I would not hesitate to order from this company again in the future. I very much appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism. I am happy to share a positive review detailing my experience and I do hope it helps off set all the negative comments below. Due to my profession I know how long it takes to ship items and also that sometimes things do not always go exactly as planned during cross country shipments. I have no doubt that if there were to be an issue it would be corrected quickly and professionally. (And by quickly I mean as quickly as possible given that a new item would have to be shipped out to me) I am looking forward to receiving my next package. Thank you so much for how smoothly everything has gone up until this point!

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It is very good company.

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