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Not delivered!

Listed on webpage as delivered, but no package was delivered.

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Very late delivery

Every time fedex make a late delivery Very bad courier service UP me hi courior ka 6se 7din leta hai

Reply Kaish

I agree and poor who don’t have any idea how to find a solution.


Excellent... Received as scheduled

worst service

fedex courier service veryvery worst no response and dealy service totally wast of time

Reply albert john

I agree, their is shitty.

FedEx service has gone from okay to awful.

I have re-ordered a device, and this is the second time it was not delivered. I get the message that it is out for delivery, and then it changes to "pending" and "delivery exception". We have had no severe weather between here and the place I ordered from. What is the deal??

I was hung up on

There should by a zero button!!!! You pay for a service. You don’t get that service you paid for!! You call about it!! Speak to Tracy asking her WTH? She gives me a LAME excuse. Ask for money back and she disconnects the call!!!!!!!! WOW. It’s amazing what this company allows their workers to get away with this. So rude!!!

False reviews

Ps forget to mention stop adding on false reviews of happy clients

Should be 0 rating

Like everyone has noticed this business is crumpling beats me why shippers still use them Do everyone a favour and please stop selling next and 3 day delivery Even dpd, hermes,ups ,and parcel monkey That costs alot less beat your deadline by more 70 percent

Almost 2 weeks late already for 2 day shipment

I have waited almost 2 weeks for a shipment from Apple. Keep getting told it’s in the truck for delivery. Then I get a message that no adult was home yesterday. The truth is no one came to the house to deliver and just used that excuse because i have not left home the past two weeks due to shutdowns and I also have a camera that records anyone coming to the door. There was no activity and no FedEx delivery.

Good track result

Fast and detailed track information

Spiraling down

The service at FedEx is in a downward spiral. Since mid December 2020 the service has continued to erode. We shipped a package for Overnight AM on the 23rd of December and it as finally delivered on January 3rd, 2021. About half of the packages coming to us have been late. We are considered "Rural" so have to pay for AM service to guarantee overnight service. We have now been waiting 5 days for one of those packages.


I am not impressed at all with FedX will not use it ever again if I have a choice


ABSOLUTELY horrible 1 hub company. No memphis NO company. Complete failure to FULFILL your customers needs and address your own internal problems.. THE WORST @

Paid $$$ for overnight deliver; still waiting after 97 hours!

I paid $235 to ship some space heaters overnight to my family in Texas because they ran out of propane during a freak winter storm and nobody had heaters or more propane to sell them. This is winter. It was an emergency. 97 hours later, the heaters are still sitting in Memphis! I could have driven them to Texas myself in only 25 hours. I know because I've driven that route before. FedEx said they were delayed because of weather. Well, OK, I would have understood if they had been delivered in the evening instead of the morning, but not more than 4 days late. FedEx has been in business for a long time. It has to deal with winter weather every year. It should have this figured out by now. BBB rates FedEx way more highly than it deserves. I will NEVER use FedEx again!

Very Very Poor Delivery

Not One Time, it was continued subsequently.

Good service

Thanks for your delivery during these rough times.


Paid for over night delivery and its day four and no package.

Late and continuing to schedule longer

Damn you FedEx. It was supposed to take 3 days to get to me, then scheduled for seven after 4 days, and not is scheduled for 8 days. Never going to use them as my package provider ever again

very poor service

fedex use to be very good now they seem not too care about the service they provide

Fedex is Horrible

Over the past month I have had about 5 packages that have been delivered with fedex. Not a single one of them was delivered on time. the closest a package was to delivery date was 3 days late. And as of now, I still have 2 packages with no delivery. one was due 6 days ago, The 2nd is do for delivery today, and it was just scanned 6 states away
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