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We paid for two days shipment delivery and they hold it in their local facility and delivered it after 3 days. When we tracked it says “in local facility, delivery not due” even its already late for a day. We could have just paid for standard delivery and pay less.


A waste of time.

Stupid People

Got a receipt number and guy scanned my tracking number but agent could not find it. What a bunch of idiots. Could give me no info from receipt number. So why give it to me? BTW, it was for a gun shipping back to manufacturer for recall. Could not find info for Premier Acct info for company. Called from U.S. and got Spanish speaking agents, all 3. Very difficult to understand.

FexEx is experiencing serious internal issues, possibly due to the Pandemic

FexEx is experiencing serious internal issues, possibly due to the Pandemic This is a company that is having very real problems. It you are an investor, a vendor, or a potential customer, be aware that there are internal problems at FedEx that make them a bad choice. They have been caught, on multiple occasions, lying to customers and vendors about delivery attempts, which has created, for some companies (and customers), a nightmare situation where packages are being returned undelivered. We have modified our shipping to exclude FedEx and have made arrangements with other carriers.


I shipped a live animal that is required to be in a temp controlled environment, THE BOX STATES THIS IN MULTIPLE PLACES! I paid quite handsomely for priority overnight shipping, all for this animal to sit on the delivery truck from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM to be delivered 30 miles from the hub that placed it on the delivery truck! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST DELIVERY MADE THIS MORNING!!!!!!

Reply JR00



Ship from Melbourne FL. To punta Gorda FL. 100 miles across state, it goes to Memphis Tennessee first, " it's their hub"... What morons

Very poor service

I placed my order in November and here we are 01/04/2021 and they say it's out for delivery what a nice Christmas gift.

Great service

Very fast delivery. Driver was pleasant to talk to.Will use FedEx for everything.Thank you

Shipping with FedEx is useless

Ordered item on 12/10, it was shipped via FedEx on 12/12 here it is 12/28 and my package has been sitting in a FedEx holding facility since 12/17

Pathetic Service

781729089863 My this tracking number of my parcel date has been showing in pending since past one week , same day I ordered 2 stuffs very next day one stuff I received by Bluedart but this fedex I guess no more exist in this world to deliver order. Please cancel my order if you guys can not take responsibility , at least I will get my money back.

Not reliable

They are the worst delivery company that I've ever had to deal with do not recommend them. They do not care for the customers


The most nonsense courier company who does not bother about urgency and staff only send mails and delaying process....rediculous

Tom Hanks

you need to have Tom Hanks give the speech at kenasaw, Ga. Tick-Toc, Tic-toc

Sorry Company

Hate Fed Ex

How does this happen?

So far fed-ex has delivered TWO packages to the wrong address in an entirely different town and entirely different address? Aren't the drivers required to be able to read before they are hired? And fed ex don't do anything about it! I would never use this company


Si j'avais su je n’aurai pas commander et j'aurai JAMAIS choisi Fedex

Snail mail is best description with a lot of errors.

10 days to receive order. Package made numerous stops. I know it's Christmas and you are busy but you've been doing this for a long time and by now you should be more proficient.

Too much time in clearnace

Took too much time in clearance of documents

Stilling in INDY

My package has been sitting in Indy saying each day it arrives since Nov 30, and today is Dec 13th....I can drive there and pick up, this is ridiculous!

Lousy service

Very crappy sits for 4 days idle overcharged due to holiday and then their tracking site went down .shameful
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