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3418739232263 my tracking no
sareesh kandoth

dear today iam waiting my shipment but still not arrive,today

2019-05-13 09:36:42

bad delivery
mohammad johar

unfortunately I have been to their (in Jordan , Al-moqableen) to collect my things they have a serious problem with delivery

2019-03-27 06:34:26


Fast and safe!

2018-11-01 10:41:55

Quick shipping

It takes only 18 days to arrive in our destination. Delivery process takes 3 days in our local post .

2018-01-12 07:07:20

19 days waiting

I have been waiting like forever and my order have been held in Kamis Mushait for 7 days which is 20 km away from my address. So disappointed!!

2019-04-21 16:14:20

Low performance services

To be honest,I am so very disappointed because of the service quality in terms of lack of communication and not following the address details that ive mention.

2019-01-02 22:25:48

Am waiting for parcel
Mr Muhammad majid

Am waiting for parcel plz give me my parcel

2018-09-17 16:19:08

171********520 Transit(3Days)

I had placed order on 18th May 2017 & on saturday 20th May 2017 the driver called 10:46am he said i will come for delivery he called 11:17am however i told him that wait 5 min than i will come he waited when i reached there he was there so i told him let me go inside binsouqat will give you money he intered his car and left. and he was shouting at me like he is paying from his pocket. After that i called 048018100 & i have complain they told me someone will call me on this to take action. he start calling me again 12:30pm. so he wanted me to wait for him for all this time. i was busy & the was no action taken on the drive. However to cover the drivers mistake the information mentioned is that the customer refused to collect. which this is not the right answer. I need my package today. please call me.

2017-05-21 03:04:45

bad service

bad service!!! very disappointed... Keep calling me to ask what language i speak after telling me they will call back later. not only 2 to 3 times many times.. till now my items not deliver.

2019-04-23 04:54:39

My order my delivery

My order delivery time

2019-03-02 06:40:49

Am waiting for parcel
Miss Anita

Daily am waiting but your delivery parson not come why u not give my parcel plz give me parcel

2018-09-17 16:28:55

Took a bit longer

Total transit time took a little longer compared to my previous item. This is OK for me as it is not so urgent.

2017-10-30 10:38:27

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