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Outstanding service

Outstanding service in getting the package held at my nearest location.

Very professional

My package arrived within the expected delivery time period without any damage. Seems they are very professional in delivering customers' shipments and calculate the shipping time. Go on!

Shipment of washing machine

Dear Concern, As per your tracking system, you are show ung that "customer not available". It is absolutely wrong, because we have not went out side due to this shipment. I called your course boy also on Sunday i.e. 22nd October 2017. He told that I will come and call to you, till now not called and not came. His name Mr. Shaik Khan. Please look into this and ship the item as early as possible. Thanks and Regards C. Madhusudhana Reddy

Reply Madhu

NuvoEx is worst service

everything is ok

yesterday I received my package. the courier,a handsome guy, was so kind. He asked me to check that if my package stay intact and it was great that my goods are so perfect. thank u.

NuvoEx is not bad

I seldom ship my goods through this company, and the first time i use it, it delayed. But i think i will use again since it kept my package well.

Fast service but unprofessional courier person arrived

Shopclues coustomer care told me to take acknowledgement receipt at the time of returning my shopclues order of Rs 4092 to NUVOEX courier men otherwise not to return item to courier in any condition for security reasons but when Sanjay Khan, Mob 7791874903. Come to take return item he is in very hurry and declined to give any receipt to me and when i told him that shopclues have send me a mail and phone me to not return product without taking receipt so he was not talking nicely and saying then i am going you return the produced again next time i have no receipt he even dont stopped so i can talk to customer care he is not ready to wait 2 minutes , so unmature unprofessional Person how dont know to talk comed to my home vidhyadhar nagar jaipur. But lastly i dont want to keep that defective product and cannot cancel return because of shopclues one time return policy i given that person my product for return by taking god name. Please dont send these unprofessional people to our home as they reduce your company goodwill and please inform to shopclues if you have changed the rule to provide acknowledgent receipt tu customer at the time of return