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Stuck in Customs for over a month!

I've had a package, shown on their tracking, stuck in customs since Feb. Can't get them on phone, can't get them on email. Appalling and quite possibly fraudulent.

The speed is terrible

The Parcel has been ready in Sydney 10march. Today is 21st, and I still haven’t seen any update yet. The number in the contact detail is not connected. Can’t find anyone to ask what’s wrong. Terrible experience

Sai Cheng Logistic

Worse service ever for sending parcels from China to Australia. Parcel has been in transit for 3 month now. Contacted Sai Cheng and NO RESPONSE. Not sure I am even ever going to get my purchase. feel like a scam and a total rip off!!!

Another great job!

Second time to ship packages via this shipping partner. Everything goes fine.
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