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Tracciatura SkyNet Malaysia italia-Trackingmore supporta la connessione a Aliexpress, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce e altri. Esso offre SkyNet Malaysia API agli sviluppatori per la gestione delle tracciature e invia email ed SMS personalizzati sugli aggiornamenti delle spedizioni automaticamente.


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Very very wack services in Nigeria. I would never recommend unless you want to develop a cardiac arrest. Customer care service provides no aid to customers. You would even be lucky if they actually pick up your call. Worst courier experience so far

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Lazada jangan guna service Skynet!!! Sangat sangat sangat lambat!!!

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Service sangat teruk, hantar macam kura-kura lambat, pukimak.

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Skynet the slowest and the worst courier service in malaysia tracking no also didnt update *smh*

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网站上track了 写着DELIVERED可是一条毛都没有收到?是送货人员自己拿来用了吗?RM500++ 的东西啊 hello 不能好好的送货吗?

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Aku tak faham mcm mana boleh ada seller yg guna skynet ni. Lembab nak mati. Parcel berhari2 dibiar dekat branch tak reti2 nak hantar. Pastu bila dah hantar pun kalau boleh selewat-lewatnya. Courier lain semua standard pagi2 dah hantar. Skynet ni buat apa? Apa punya service macam ni. Dahlah tracking update mcm taknak update. Seriously, worst courier I have ever used.

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Item Still stuck at shah alam for a week. Reason huge item and only will send during big items delivery schedule.

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Madam koh


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Worst ever courier service. not professional at all

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Slowest courier in Malaysia, second to none

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Delivered my parcel within the stipulated time. Was reading the bad reviews previously and got a little worried. But they were on time and delivered on a Saturday too! The worker was also extremely friendly and helped my dad carry the parcel in!

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Jason James

Salam sejahtera semua pengurusan dan staf Skynet. Saya mohon bantuan untuk kemaskini mengenai tracking saya, 70601117036101. Dari Bandung ke Malaysia, memang cepat. Disebabkan itu, saya memberi 3 Bintang. Cuma sekarang parcel telah berada di warehouse selama 3 Hari. Saya memohon staf Skynet dapat membantu dalam perkara ini. Terimakasih dan jaga diri.

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Terima kasih atas service yang baik.Maaf sebab terpaksa cakap kuat terima kasih dari dalam rumah.Kerana tak mahu penghantar barang tunggu.

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Feel so happy of the service. I was post my parcel to my son the deepavali attire as cmco i couldn\'t go back home. I was made my post at closing time (8pm)on Tuesday .Parcel reached to him thursday morning. Very good service. Tq

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Scam, scam, scam!!! Everything sound good until you pay deposit and start trading. No one ever mention that they charge every month for maintenance fee (just £110) and even for inactivity £80 !!! Avoid those thieves and recover your lost funds through the recovery agents that helped me. you can reach them via< ([email protected])

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还可以,就是在Arrived Kcl,KUCHAI LAMA经常要等很多天才会送货!当天没试过,隔天40\%,第三天以后99\%才会派送

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not bad. No complaints so far unlike for other couriers. Their staff is well coordinated and very cooperative.

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