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Superb service

Superb service - superb price and EASY

5 stars service! Very helpful!

This was the first time to use Syrian Post I felt very satisfied with their good service. I lost my tracking number by accident and I can't track my parcel without tracking number. I ask customer service for help, a very kind men help me fro this trouble.He said he would called me back if he found my number. About 1 hours later, he did called me back and tell me the tracking number. I was very grateful for what he done for me. Thank you very much!

It is accepatable

I sent a package from Syrian to USA. Before i sent the package. I had asked the girl who works for Syrian post so many question, such as what is the delivery time? Is it safe? The girl answered me in detail. Thank you. But the package is delivered a little late.

Item was handled in a perfect way

My item was received intact without any broken.

Very very slow

Syrian post is really slow and there tracking is worse then USPS