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Have to give high star rating or they delete your review if you give less. AVOID this shower of sh**t. 56 days I waited for sandals that arrived and are only fit for the bin. Appalling quality and qrong size! Requested refund of £20.99 and they offered me £3. I refused then offered me £6, then half the price. I\'ve still refused as I\'m taking up with paypal. Do not waste your money.

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I m hoping my order is still on its way although I doubt it very much as it was due to arrive before the 24th June !!! It is now 27th July !!! Forced to give higher star rating to have review posted to warn people !!!

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Ordered in April and still waiting it\'s now 26th July only give it 4☆ so I could write a review wouldnt have ordered if I knew it was from china quick in taking money not so quick in sending stuff if at all lesson learned not to order anything on facebook bunch of scammers

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Had to mark a better star review to be posted but fake just like this site & delivery centre!!!! Parcel has been sat still in Shenzan or some place off the map since 4 July not moved. I have raised a complaint direct with seller as well as PayPal & before 10 Aug I will arrange for my refund of just short of £40. Very poor shipment. Quick to take money that\'s about it!!!!

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What a load of bollocks

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Pissed off

Well after 42 days the 2 folk tops that looked so lovely have arrived, £18 each I wouldn\'t have paid £5 for them. They are cheap polyester that is badly sewn. How do I return them on that slow boat to China.

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Do not waste your money,if I\'d known it was made in China would never have ordered,not only that it takes forever to arrive!

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42 days.. to arrive. Don\'t think they will last long.

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Finally received my sandles on 22.07.20 that I ordered on 05.06.20, takes a long time but they get there in the end, think they came by donkey and cart lol

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Five stars givensoi can write a review Donor use this company the goods are shockingly bad and not worth the money . Nothing like the picture

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Live in hope

Dress arrived after 48 days in transit, so don’t give up hope, hang in there it might be worth it but no promises, dress is wearable & ok but not the linen I expected, China was not mentioned on the ad but that’s Facebook for you, lesson learn

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I waited several weeks for delivery and having seen other reviews, expected to be disappointed. However, the clogs look really good and are very comfy! Good fit at size 39. So, hopefully others will have the same pleasant surprise when they finally arrive!

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The slippers I had ordered come back perfect in quality and size. I wish I could give it 5 stars but the site I had ordered from didn\'t specifiy that it was coming from China so I had to wait 46 days! Buy overall really happy with them.

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Did give up hope, and thought it was a scan but arrived this morning! Great slippers so not disappointed! Better late than never!

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Well guys & girls never give up hope. After 54 days my dresses arrived today. Not as good as advert showed but I might wear them once! I\'ve only given 5 stars so that hopefully this is shown they deserve nil stars. I have learnt my lesson and will never order off company\'s shown on Facebook again. I like a number of people thought this was a UK company. I was fooled.

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Order my items in May & still waiting.Lost count how many places it has been too,the updates are not enough. I won\'t be ordering again, shouldn\'t have to wait this long. Can\'t blame it on the covid-19,I have order other things & they didn\'t take long. Not happy

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My sandals just arrived. Happy with them. Right size right colour doubtful about leather but ok for price. Don\'t give up hope 44 days in transit.

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Lou lou

My parcel has been all round the world in not quite 80 days but should have been a lot faster . Tracking is always way out of date .would not use again

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Karen G

46 days in transit and sandals arrived today. Not worth waiting on that\'s for sure.

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Vera Neves

Hello just to let you know that I receive my order placed on 11th June on Saturday 18th July and i am very happy with it...it was a long waiting time but it was very worth... my 2 pairs of sandals are just gorgeous every penny worth...I will buy again in the future

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