DSV tracking number format

The DSV tracking number format is usually comprised of numbers. The combination of alphabetic characters and numeric characters may also be DSV tracking number.

DSV tracking number format:

  • 6 digits

  • 7 digits

  • 8 digits

  • 10 digits

  • 16 digits

  • 3 or 4 letters + 7 digits

DSV is a world-leading supplier transport and logistics company. Founded in 1976 in Denmark, DSV nowadays has 45,000 employees in over 80 countries to provide high-end services and ensure a steady supply around the world. The vision of DSV is supported by five strategic focus areas: Customer, Growth, Human Resources, Processes, Organisation. There are three divisions in DSV to meet different needs of customers.

  • Air & Sea

  • Road

  • Solutions(warehousing & logistics services)

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