TrackingMore API


This section describes the carrier related resources of the API.

URI Method Description
GET /carriers GETList all carriers
POST /carriers/detect POST Detect a carrier by tracking code

Detect a carrier by tracking code


Return a list of carriers that matches the tracking code

Request body params:

tracking_numberThe tracking code for which you are trying to find a carier. Required, string, E.x. RN123456789CN.
  • Request
  • Headers
    Content-Type: application/json
        "tracking_number": "1881034142"
  • Response  200
  • Headers
    Content-Type: application/json
        "meta": {
            "code": 200,
            "type": "Success",
            "message": "Success"
        "data": [{
            "name": "China post",
            "code": "china-post"
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