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Logistics Status

List of Package Status

Status Description
pending"Pending" means new packages added that are pending to track.
notfound"Not Found" means there is no package tracking info available yet.
transit"Transit" means package has tracking info and is on way to recipients' address.
pickupAlso known as "Out For Delivery". It means package is about to be delivered or is ready to be picked up at local sort facility.
delivered"Delivered" means package has been delivered successfully.
undeliveredAlso known as "Failed Attempt". It means unsuccessful package delivery attempt or failed delivery.
exception"Exception" means package returned to sender, receiver refused delivery, package damaged or other exceptions.
expired"Expired" means package carried by Express Company has not been delivered in 30 days or Postal Services in 60 days.
Notfound SubStatus Description
not found001Information Received/info received. The package is about to be picked up.
not found002There is no tracking information for this package.
Exception SubStatus Description
exception001Tracking number added more than ** with no tracking info, marked as "Exception".
exception002Package in transit for ** with no marked as "Exception".
exception003Tracking number added more than ** but not delivered, marked as "Exception".
exception004The package is unclaimed.
exception005The package was sent back to the sender.
exception006The package is retained by customs because it's prohibited goods.
exception007The package is damaged, lost or discarded.
exception008The package is canceled before delivering.