WooCommerce Shipment Tracking

Add WooCommerce Parcel Tracking Plugin To WordPress Shop

This WooCommerce parcel tracking plugin enables WordPress merchants and buyers to check shipment tracking info in email with a custom tracking link, order details page at WordPress Admin and order page at buyer account.
Besides, after connecting your WordPress shop to Trackingmore, you can also view all orders from WordPress shop with detailed tracking info instead of checking order tracking info one by one. All your orders info, including order no., order title, customer name, customer email address, customer phone number, shipment tracking number, will be auto synchronized to your Trackingmore account and will be auto tracked.

Supported Features About WooCommerce Shipment Tracking

  • Shipment tracking from major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China Post and 1226 couriers. WordPress merchants can fully customize all those couriers at Wordpress Admin.
  • Multi-store connector and management. WordPress merchants can connect unlimited shops within one Trackingmore account! And all those orders can be filtered by shop name and other filters for easy management.
  • Auto import and track shipments from WooCommerce shop every 8 hours. Tracking number must be created within 3 days counted from order create time.
  • Display detailed order tracking info all in one panel, easy to do analytics and know shipping performance.
  • Allow your site customers to check shipment progress easily within your store.
  • Reassure your customers by sending email/SMS notifications to notify them when order status changes.

Installations Of WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugin

  1. Sign up for a TrackingMore account and login.
  2. Upload WooCommerce Parcel Tracking Plugin, install and activate it at WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings and click Permalinks (You must click "Permalinks" to enable this plugin).
  4. Go to Settings > TrackingMore, select couriers, use track button and then click save.
  5. Go to order details page, select courier and enter tracking number.
  6. Generate TrackingMore's WordPress API key under Users > Your Profile.
  7. Enter Store URL and API key you generated at Woocommerce connector page.
You may find this article about Finding WooCommerce API Key at WordPress helpful.
Note : you must input tracking number within 3 days since an order was created.

Demo Of How WooCommerce Parcel Tracking Plugin Works

WooCommerce Order Status Tracking Explanation

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