Know Your Delivery Performance

Import Tracking Numbers

  • 1. Manual Input (up to 100 shipments/time)
  • 2. CSV Upload (up to 10,000 shipments/time)
  • 3. Carrier Tracking API (Unlimited API requests)

Automated tracking in one place

  • 1. Auto classify shipments into seven statuses
  • 2. Auto update tracking info every six hours

Customize the detection rules of shipments

  • 1. Define shipments as "Exception" to suit your own needs
  • 2. Select language you prefer to display tracking info

Email/SMS notifications

  • 1. Auto send email/sms notifications to customers when status changes
  • 2. Customize your own email/sms template or use the default one.

Main Interface Display Effect

Transform Your
Shipment Tracking Today

Looking to automate shipment updates or improve your delivery efficiency? With TrackingMore's powerful API, you'll have all the tools at your fingertips to transform your customer's post-purchase journey.