Know Your Delivery Performance

Import Tracking Numbers

  • 1. Manual Input (up to 100 shipments/time)
  • 2. CSV Upload (up to 10,000 shipments/time)
  • 3. Carrier Tracking API (Unlimited API requests)

Automated tracking in one place

  • 1. Auto classify shipments into seven statuses
  • 2. Auto update tracking info every six hours

Customize the detection rules of shipments

  • 1. Define shipments as "Exception" to suit your own needs
  • 2. Select language you prefer to display tracking info

Email/SMS notifications

  • 1. Auto send email/sms notifications to customers when status changes
  • 2. Customize your own email/sms template or use the default one.

Main Interface Display Effect

Optimize your
customer post-purchase journey

Whether you want to get auto-update shipment status or create sales opportunities, we have all the tools you need.