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Brighton Moto

I’ve used APC for my business for a few years with no issues, however if you need to make a claim don’t bother! I’ve never dealt with a company so blatantly uncooperative in my 22 years of business. What should be a simple claim as they damaged a £500 motorcycle part in transit, has been a backward and forward chain of messages that have asked for things, taking a week to acknowledge returned email and then saying “claim closed” because it’s taken too long! I have given them numerous ways to sort this out and now am taking them to small claims court and reporting them to trading standards.

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This international company is amazing and always delivers my packages on time. The workers always do what they need to do and they are so swift and quick with it. I love this place!!!

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This service is absolutely terrible especially for international deliveries. They’re slow, they don’r respect deadlines and they give 0 help if you’re reaching out ... disappointed

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Dolores gillego

No update 1 week after the product/parcel reached its country of destination. This logistic company is irresponsible.

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Prompt, courteous, and they complied with the alternative delivery arrangements that I requested

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A very satisfied customer

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Pension is a very difficult there are so many possibilities and not only right or wrong. I got the information\'s to take the right decisions for me.

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This is a very good shipping company. My items were received within a very short time. Packages can be traceable and updated very fast. I am very satisfied with everything they do for me currently. I will use this service again once i have another need to ship my goods.

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Have a helpful tracking system

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Package is not the same as what the seller describes. It is Very small and I have to return it back for a larger one. Very disappointed.

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I never doubt my choice here

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Has a reliable and accurate racking system, offer very useful information to buyers, will cooperate with it again

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I need to sent a package to a place, the package was very heavy for me to get the express company, I ask staff for help and the staff help me a lot,buy the way the price to ship was reasonable! thank you guys!

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I have used it for a long time and it never makes me disappoint.

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I shipped 50KG goods to my old town and it gives me 80 percent discount. The guys worked for that company gives me a big hand to move my stuff. They are really helpful.

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