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extra cost service customer service + never received order

bought with sunsky-online (0 stars also, very bad) and shipping with DHL express, these bunch of crap never called me even though I asked them to do it and they updated the status of my order as "wrong address", I had to call them many times because next time we scheduled a delivery THE SAME HAPPENED, they never called me, AND ON TOP OF IT I HAVE +22€ TO PAY on my phone bill on extra because their service call number is not free !!!!! huge joke I hate them forever, never use DHL they are very unprofessionnal and bad service from A to Z

clear and properly

Transactions are clear and they handled things properly.


Love my postal carrier. Friendly and never leaves packages out to be seen. Seem to be lucky my packages make it to me and where they are going on time

It develops very fast.

DHL expands its delivery network to many more places. Virtually any people can be enjoy its services. And i am one of them.