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DHL Malaysia
kathy miao

I request to change address after a shipment, i call the rider to change for address, rider is very good manner to send the parcel to DHL centre and help me to change parcel status to change of address, when i call hotline for change address, CS also very polite and efficient to help me proceed address update using google form, no single cent is charged, really thanks DHL service!!! u deserve the 5 star!!

2021-06-21 03:25:43

Unreasonable Time to Deliver
Anonymous Customer

My package came from across the world. I understand it may take some time for it to reach the area I live in. However, when I receive a shipment notification of my package being two hours away from my delivery location, it should not be expected to be delivered almost a week later. It has been on hold for more than 48 hours. At this point I feel like I can just drive 2 hours to where it is on hold and retrieve the package myself. I have never ever in my life dealt with this problem with USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

2021-06-17 15:55:44

Finally received parcel
miss a

After 1 week of the agony of having to keep contacting the and parcel keep fail to deliver and seldom updates. I finally got my parcel. I don't blame pak cik courier, it's just that maybe there was something wrong with the system....that made it so difficult to arrange a delivery. I guess after all the insult in my heart, they still managed to send my package safely albeit a little bit late. Kudos to pak cik delivery. but yeah you gotta improve dhl, I understand its MCO but other couriers are also facing the same thing. I just wish that maybe you will raise the deliveryman wages as a way to show how grateful you are towards your workers that are still working with lots of parcel needs to deliver.

2021-06-16 12:19:12


DHL LOST my package I had to keep calling them they did not send me a email to let me know that it was misplaced they also told me I need to contact the sender when they were the ones who lost my package they could not refund me they told me to reach out to the seller numerous of people have been filing a complaint with DHL due to so many missing packages I believe the driver stole the package this is so sad I also will be filing a complaint with the Board I also ask to speak with the supervisor the agent told me he is not available he will call me back so careless and no type of sympathy to the person stuff they just lost its not fair I will be reaching out to the news this place needs to be SHUT DOWN this has happened on more then one occasions they are just hiring anybody to work and do the job but someone is stealing people things this is very unfortunate and not fair I cant stress this enough I would NEVER recommend DHL you all should be shut down for all the missed packaged.

2021-06-11 22:15:49

It's really fucked up service by Bangladesh darnch
Pious chandar sarker

Bangladesh dakha

2021-06-07 10:58:09

Pathetic Service. Irresponsible team
Subramaniam D

Giving One Star because there is no option to rate lesser. Absolutely pathetic service. Shipment has reached from an International location to Hyderabad in 3 days and it is stuck in Hyderabad for ever. I have been calling the everyday and requesting to process the delivery and the only response they give is it will be delivered next day!! How pathetic!! Zero and no value for time and customer requests. AVOID DHL.

2021-06-02 07:54:21

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worst service

I had experience worst service from DHL my package was departure from India on 4th of June and received it on 18th June and and during this time i was not able to track my shipment and everyday i have to call DHL and they always pick my call and put on hold sometimes never get answered. I'll never use DHL service again as FedEx, UPS and other courier services are really better than DHL. moreover, i didn't receive all the products which my family sent to me most of them were clothes.

2021-06-19 14:22:07

Cuando puedo esperar mi entrega

Me gustaría saber porque mi paquete tiene dos días en Orlando y en que fecha lo voy a recibir.

2021-06-17 05:06:12

darshan kothari

worst service in payment refund they have declined to take my import shippment and after cancelling it still waiting for refund for a month

2021-06-14 06:35:54

very poor service from Bangladesh dhaka
Pious chandra

I really disappointed about dhl service by Bangladesh dhaka branch .there's service completely fucked up.somemore I contacted with the lady host her name maybe (jinna) she is really stupid I had given her fucking call but she cut off my line without complete my concept

2021-06-07 11:16:20

Should be held accountable

DHL express repeatedly misses their shipping 'guarantees'. Customer service doesn't call back. Their system is archiaic.

2021-06-05 21:42:44

Pathetic Service
Harish Raghu

DHL India, pathetic service they have the shipment with them for 10 days and not delivered yet, they are the worst, will never propse anyone to use it... Never do business with them again

2021-06-20 17:03:17

waybill 7156877302r

I have been planning my wedding for more than 8 months now and it's supposed to be held next month. my wife and I are interested in the Pakistani style so we have ordered our wedding dresses from Pakistan as they are handmade. after receiving her dress we came to know that the package and the dress are damaged... imagine the wedding shoes were cut open, dress stitches were removed and damaged package got punctured with more than 20 openings !!!! now tell me how may I stop my wife from freaking out basically her wedding dress is fucked now.... this will be the last time to use DHL

2021-06-17 10:36:47

Can’t get my package after 7 calls

My address info has been correct from the outset, but DHL can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve called 7 times to confirm my address, and received call backs daily, saying it will be delivered “today”. Today, they notified me that they sent it to a warehouse for pickup. I have no car. They have no excuse for their horrible service. I wasted over 5 hours on this nonsense, and my package is still stuck in their warehouse. The worst!!!!

2021-06-14 17:16:23


Thy are looking for a reason to get money from the client

2021-06-10 11:03:29

so poor service
Pious chandra sarker


2021-06-07 10:34:35

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