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Shocking untrustworthy company

This firm is the most shocking firm Drivers are so so rude .. Had to make an complaint.

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No delivery

No correspondence or any update on delivery, cleared customs on the 3rd February and since the 10th February NOTHING no updates no tracking no parcels and dpd don't even care


Proof on system driver has not even dared to attempt to deliver after tracking parcel live and and watching through window as important parcel and photo shows he has not been to my door, depot has chosen not to correct the drivers issue and driver has not been able to be reached. Terrible and disgusting service from the Basildon depot and it’s drivers if your a sender would not recommend using DPD local as your customer will have the worst service and will reflect your brand. DO NOT USE!


Driver didnt give a toss weather he delivered or not.clear note on door.leave in shed.companys out there please don't use DPD EVER.Looks bad on you.

Be carefull with DPD

DPD are the worse courier that can be used companies need to stop using them

Sent two parcels, one was returned, the other one lost (to the day)

I sent a parcel on December, 3oth. It still hasn't reached its destination and I was given a tracking number that is not recognised. When I tried to contact DPD for advice, there was no way to reach them. It's almost a month later and I still don't know where it's gone.

Lost packages after 4 months of going in circles and no refund!

Update 20th Jan 2021: I have been told that my packages are lost due to the nature of the business. I was asked to provide proof of purchase and value of the items. I cannot provide this as these packages are monitors from my work place. Apparently there is nothing DPD local online can do if I cannot provide these documents. So in the end I am out of pocket on the delivery as well as the monitors which I need to reimburse my company for. Thanks dpdlocal truly you are the worst amongst the worst.


Tim the delivery driver did attempt once to leave the parcel, photograph does show on the front door. However the second attempt is an otter lie, we have to go to another place to collect a parcel. I have had many dealings with DPD and find them very unprofessional. Not only did the sender have my telephone, DPD take simple basic instructions.

Delivered to wrong address

JOKE is the best word to describe dpd, can't even deliver a small parcel to the right address. Now I need to wait till they can fit me in. JOKE

Excellent service

Our local DPD guy is spot on... I'm sure these are difficult and busy times for delivery companies and the service we've been getting from DPD has been great... a proper life line 5 stars

Don't use them!

Have been waiting on my Christmas gift from family in Canada. Finally got notified that it would be delivered today. Sat in my flat all day waiting for it, checking the tracker regularly (which wasn't very accurate). Suddenly, I refresh and it says I missed the delivery! Despite being home WAITING FOR IT all day! The driver simply took a photo of the outside of my flat without actually trying to ring my flat number or in anyways. I suppose I was meant to sit outside in the cold for 3 hours until I saw the truck coming. Now they can't delivery until next week, when I will be at work all day. There was also no way to get ahold of a real human being to tell them about this issue. Absolutely frustrating and useless. Go with another company if possible!


I Would never recommend your company and will actively discourage people to use you. I am still waiting for a delivery, which you keep trying to deliver to the wrong post code after advising you numerous times

Want to lost your item? Use this abomination!

Bought a laptop on ebay. Poor guy sent it by this peace of art company. Guess what - it had stuck on collected from pickup shop... 20 days already - no item, no money back, no refund, no investigation outcome. If you want similar experience - you are welcome to join this great company. Just go to dpd online and you're one item less. Great! And I like these fake reviews on trustp. Great job if you pay a coin ...

Dpd delivery

My parcel arrived on time and was easy to track using the DPD app. The driver was both polite and helpful. I am surprised to see so many poor reviews.

DPD was useless

DPD was useless: Rude driver, order delivered late. I will not be ordering from you again.

tracking says delivered - driver never seen

first delivery lost in transit, then second/replacement one says delivered and received but no driver seen that day


Lost my parcel that had taken weeks for my friend to prepare and put together. Apparently they 'forgot to scan it on collection'! We then had to wait about ten days whilst they checked various 'possible places' that it could be! During which we were told we would be kept up to date! Never contacted us once! We had to do all the chasing. Luckily we'd paid for insurance and so the cost price of the package was reimbursed. However, not the hard work that had gone into it. Not to mention that they still didn't reimburse the actual cost of the delivery! Apparently it costs money for them to lose my parcel and then spend weeks chasing it up. They eventually gave the delivery cost back, after several attempts of correspondence were ignored again and a separate claim had to be made! An absolute joke. Shocking service.

Careless service

There should be the option to leave minus stars. We have experienced several episodes of expensive parcels thrown over the back fence. We asked one driver about why he did this and he said that "....the Sat Nav took me round the back and you can't expect me to walk round the front!". We have also had expensive electrical goods left out in the open without a note being put through the door. One parcel was in a neighbours front garden for several days before it was found.

terrible company

Terrible company, unreliable, disgusting attitude. Never use your service again. NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE !!!!! i feel powerless how one company treats people`s personal property so carelessly, destroying people`s personal things without bothering to inform the owners of the package at all. Without asking if you want to get your products back , whether they are okay or not. you take them and just destroy them. I ask why??? Don`t you think that I have doubts that you actually took my expensive treatment preparation and you are trying to convince me at the moment, that you do not know what happened etc??? I really want to see some evidence, is it a picture or some kind of testimony, that my packaging was damaged and things were broken inside and you haven't taken them. I want some evidence of what happened to MY things, what you innocently destroyed. You said that some liquid came from there, which is a lie, because there was nothing in my belongings that contained liquid. I can confirm with the papers that the package that came the previous day from Texcom was delivered to the DPD post next day. Also I have confirmations of bank statements. Is your company so unreliable that if I dont insure the contents in exact amount, it wont arrive or will be destroyed? Send me a picture of my products before you started to destroy them!!!! In addition, I have a question as to why, for my part, I must begin to investigate, where my consignment is located without you bothering to inform me, that things had already been destroyed by that time? We investigated the status of our package, not that you signaled it yourself. My child's health has been insanely affected by this whole situation, and you must take responsibility for your action. I have never experienced such problems with other companies.
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Them DPD drivers are liars they dong get out of there van to delivery waster they are
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