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Jacob Robinson

Really bad and lazy service all around Wouldn't even give them one star would give negatives if possible. Used this company 5 times (as forced to as a delivery option) and 4 of those 4 times was an absolute joke and disaster, not only did I receive lazy service (the parcel not even been attempted to be delivered or collected, instead a generic picture of my street) but i got nothing but a crappy bot repeating the same message when i tried to contact support. I'm not sorry, when three people (and a dog who loves to bark at the post man) all say no one has knocked or called at the house three times in a row, you just aren't even trying to deliver and pick up the parcels at this point. Pathetic. The only time I've ever got something on time was due to me literally getting it re ordered and standing at the window to make sure he came and I saw him coming with it. Edit: After contacting the company whom is to receive the parcel who organised the dpd collection (dpd s WOULDNT answer, shocking!) they organised another collection only for the exact same thing to happen. Me and another member of my family where painting in the hallway without any music just light chit chat, and the hallway is the same room connected to the front door, not once did we see someone come up to the front door never mind knock on it to collect the parcel, this is not an isolated incident. This single driver has done this three times, every time I have ordered from this company, said company will remain nameless as they have good and I was forced to use them instead of dpds terrible non existent .

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I was supposed to receive a parcel from Vodafone today, which was supposed to be a gift for someone very important to me. I even took the day off to receive it and prep it for the reveal later in the day for that person. Early in the morning I received my one hour slot between ‍09:24-‍10:24 and was sitting right next to my window that faces the road that leads to our apartment block (I live on the first floor). At around 9:40 ish I saw a white van pull out of the aforementioned road in reverse and leave. DPD often delivers in the red DPD branded vans and we often get several nondescript white vans to the other flats of the block I didn't make anything out of it. However, at 9:44, I was shocked to receive an email notification from DPD that they had attempted to deliver the parcel to me and failed as they "missed me". I was sitting right there, the delivery person never rang the door bell (yes I checked, it's working), I didn't hear any knocks on the main door (yes, I can hear the knocks on the main door, which is just Bello my living room window), nothing at all! I tried to contact DPD, (which requires a lot of phaffing around their website in itself!), calling from my registered number won't let me speak with a person, instead plays an automated message that the parcel will be delivered tomorrow. I tried reaching out through their chat, spoke with rep Shikha and someone who claimed to be their floor , Sahil. Explained what had happened and that I had taken the day off for this and how important it was for me to get the parcel today. I pleaded to them to make the driver come around later in the day if that's suitable for them but deliver the parcel today. They simply and stoicly refused to offer any help in this regard and simply kept on repeating that since the driver was in the right address, the driver cannot reattempt a delivery today. After more than an hour of conversation, the most they could come up with was to add a note to the delivery tomorrow so that the driver rings the bell (I mean, seriously!). I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out which universe will a delivery guy not know that they will need to ring the damn bell for delivering a parcel, especially when he/she can clearly see the place isn't a single dwelling and has multiple door bells? I did everything DPD states for the customers to do for ensuring reception of a delivery and yet, due to to incompetence of a delivery guy and the lackluster of DPD, all of my plans for the evening today have been ruined! Who will be responsible for the emotional and mental pressures I have experienced today due to this? A word of advice for DPD, you HAVE TO update your policies where if the deliver was missed due to the fault of the driver for reasons including but other than being at the wrong address, your driver/delivery guy should be liable to deliver the parcel the same day of the customer requests because some deliveries can be time sensitive! You cannot expect to be competitive with other couriers with such incompetence followed by nonchalant !

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Kevin Painter

Delivery driver took a photo of my parcel at a house, number 12 and confirmed it was delivered. I live in a block of flats. There is no number 12 on my road. I doubt I'll be getting my parcel today as it appears the driver either cannot read or can't use a sat nav!

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I requested and paid for next day service, had sent goods to the same address 3 times with DPD, no problem, untill this time when they had a problem finding The address, then why do they insist on a mobile number? for the recipient! I thought DPD were better than this, I was wrong, I have read dozens of the reviews, but not many good ones, why are these delivery firms so cavalier With our goods, and our dented reputations,

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£500 parcel meant to be delivered today. Turns out they lost it at the depot. Won't get my parcel and will be a while until I get my money back. Awful.

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A horrible horrible company and I don't understand why sellers would choose DPD to deliver things to their clients. Rubbish.

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By far the worse service i have ever had. Drivers not even coming to the property or even bother to ring the bell. CCTV footage available to prove no driver ever arrived. Is simple as follows DO NOT ORDER from companies that work with DPD if you NEED your parcel in time. Except if you ok taking it from their or have a secure delivery place for them to throw it..

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Our local DPD guy is spot on... I\'m sure these are difficult and busy times for delivery companies and the service we\'ve been getting from DPD has been great... a proper life line 5 stars

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My parcel arrived on time and was easy to track using the DPD app. The driver was both polite and helpful. I am surprised to see so many poor reviews.

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Ruth R

Delivery on time packaging not ripped. Driver pleasant. Very satisfied with service. Much better than another delivery company who have given me endless grief with non delivery.

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Good service thank you!!

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Bonjour avez vous reçus le colis 15505993332310 car je voie que depuis le 11/09/2019 il et toujours au même stade d\'avancement Cordialement Mr veilly

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Excellent service. I was kept informed all the time.

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Avevo letto tante recensioni negative su DPD UK che quando Teco Buy mi aveva scritto che era quello il corriere stavo già disperando, invece è andato tutto bene, spedizione ben tracciata e consegna nei tempi previsti. Sarà stata fortuna?

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Room 1814, Hin Hing House, Hin Keng Estate, Shatin, Hong Kong

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2017-11-03 07:55:00 Your parcel has arrived at the local delivery depot,Singapore 我包裹還沒到

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