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Works as it should.

Runs smooth, not a glitch. I like it.

Occhiali mai arrivati

Credo sia una truffa, ho ordinato i miei occhiali 3 mesi fa e non ho ricevuto nulla! Non comprate niente con flytexpress

32 days and waiting still do next year

good job china we waiting over months or more do have ours order too came.

Received after 95 days

ordered from Banggood in mid may 2020. Received fourth week of august 2020. 101 days since paying and 95 days in transit. Never again will I opt for the ocean shipping option. My guess is that the product sat in the dock waiting for the container to fill.

No product

74 days and haven’t seen product yet. Can’t contact them either.

AS4*******8CN Delivered(71Days)

you send the wrong item it was a washer with hose and you gave me a adapter for the hose.

Don't recommend

Too long to get item. Still waiting after 72 days

Poor quality

I would not BUY this again, also a wrong size was sent. No customer service number available . Not RECOMMENDED


Where is my package? I lost track of the order . All a get is NOT FOUND .....

Worst service ever

If it says flyt and you just ordered cancel immediately. It's been over 2 months and no package. The wait isn't worth it to get your money back on ebay. It doesn't hurt to pay the extra 8$ to buy it in america.

Just my thoughts

It took 24 days for me to receive my order. I think you would have better reviews if you let everyone know it will take a month or two to receive order. I'm very ln happy with product...


Hi, thanks for the quick delivery on my goods..Although the sandals are a bit on the narrow side they are lovely. Thank you.

Wheels Lights

Got mine on time when told they're come today

Previous review was for tracking site :-)

Sorry, my other review was for meant for the TrackingMore package tracking site, apparently this is for Flyt Express. As of now, tracking shows my package from China has arrived in the US 5 days after shipping, I really couldn't ask for anything more. I'm very pleased with the progress, thank you!

Great Tracking Service!

Attention people!!! Please don't complain here about the product you bought, the company you bought from, or the speed of the shipping service...this site only provides FREE TRACKING for your package and has absolutely no control over any of those issues! I am very pleased with this valuable tracking service...thank you!

Have not received my product!!

To whom it may concern I have not received my product that I ordered for my husband for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is tomorrow and I haven’t received anything.


punktlich gelifert. lieferzeit zu lang aber geht.

Do not order

Ordered product at end of April, now early June and no answers. All shipping information is absolutely useless. All decade ends. Company does respond to emails but all information is useless

Reply MEP

Me too I ordered some stuff since June 14 now I’m in August 10 still haven’t receive my order I will never buy anything from China again they told my order were by flyt I’m upset will never do that again


Shipping is super delayed without no communication or liable tracking information

God awful

I’d rather eat a dead rat than order anything and have it shipped by these tards.
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