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    Fly Express tracking has never been easier. With TrackingMore, you only need to enter your tracking number and hit Track to get instant results.


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    Flyt Express Tracking

    Flyt Express tracking refers to checking the status of a package shipped by this international logistics company. Knowing the latest updates on your parcels allows you to prepare to pick it up on time and address any delays or rerouting issues with the company’s customer support team.

    The Flyt Express website has a parcel inquiry tool that allows you to monitor the movements of your package through various delivery stages. Another option you can go for is TrackingMore, a trusted website that can assist in tracking any Flyt Express package. This article will explain why it should be your go-to option.

    How Can I Track My Fly Express Package?

    Two recommended ways to follow up on the shipment events concerning your Flyt Express package are the courier’s native website and an external service like TrackingMore. Below is a detailed breakdown of tracking a Flyt Express package using both methods.

    • Via the Flyt Express Official Website

    Flyt Express tracking website

    Flyt Express’s main website is a hub of information on the company’s services, history, and ways to contact its team. It also offers a trustworthy way to track your package if it is being sent through any of its services with the following procedure.

    1. Open the Flyt Express website and translate it to English from the top left of the screen.
    2. Scroll down the homepage to locate a query box and click on parcel inquiry.
    3. Enter your package tracking number on the new page that loads up, and fill in the verification captcha.
    4. Click the Search button and wait for the results to load below the screen.

    Flyt Express tracking status page

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore tracking website

    TrackingMore’s website has a robust package tracking tool that lets you know where a Flyt Express package is and when to expect it within seconds of inputting and tracking the package’s ID. Follow the instructions below to monitor your packages conveniently with TrackingMore.

    1. Visit the TrackingMore website.
    2. On the homepage, click Carriers and wait for the carrier list to load.
    3. Search for Flyt Express using the search box and select the courier when it appears in the results.
    4. Enter the package’s tracking code and click Track.
    5. TrackingMore will retrieve the latest information on the package.

    TrackingMore tracking status page

    The number one draw to using TrackingMore for following up on Flyt Express packages is that it is easy to use and supports parcel tracking for 1224 couriers. With this website, you can monitor multiple packages you are waiting for during the busy holiday shopping season or any time of the year.

    Transitioning from personal to business use, eCommerce merchants can benefit from TrackingMore’s tracking API which offers eCommerce merchants a streamlined solution for managing parcel tracking from 1224 global carriers, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer experience. This not only solves the problem of managing multiple courier interfaces but also enhances customer satisfaction by offering reliable, up-to-date tracking information for their orders. 

    Flyt Express Tracking Number

    Tracking a Flyt Express package is only possible when you have a tracking number. This multi-character code uniquely identifies your parcel as it ships from one location to another. It updates information whenever the item is scanned at a logistics hub that partners with Flyt Express.

    Flyt Express tracking numbers will follow the formats below. The tracking number examples are for illustration.

    5 letters + 10 numbers + 2 letters: WSHMX2963220293YQ

    2 letters + 9 numbers + 2 letters: FA688718735RP

    1 letter + 14 numbers + 1 letter: F33139231018002L

    Note that there are other formats available.

    As the consignee, you can expect to find the tracking number of a package you are waiting for in the order confirmation email you received upon purchase or in the shipment confirmation email Flyt Express sends you. On the other hand, senders can locate the parcel’s tracking number on the shipment receipt generated when they post the package.

    Flyt Express Tracking Status

    Each Flyt Express tracking status has a specific meaning, which is important to know if you are to have an exceptional parcel tracking experience. The table below is a guide to what common statuses you can find in the tracking results.

    Flyt Express Tracking Status


    Shipment information received.

    Flyt Express has received shipment information from the merchant, who has created a shipping label.

    Item received.

    A Flyt Express driver has delivered the package to its processing facility.

    Shipment information submitted.

    Your package’s shipment details have been entered into the Flyt Express system.

    Item in transit.

    The package is being transported to the export airport.

    The instruction data to this package have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically.

    Flyt Express has forwarded the package information to DHL, which will receive and handle the package's last-mile delivery.

    Item dispatched. PKG#PKG23102407170.

    The item has been officially dispatched and assigned a package number PKG23102407170.

    Departed from original country.

    Your package has just left China and will be flown to the destination country.

    Arrived at destination country.

    The parcel has been received at the destination country airport.

    Customs clearance completed.

    Customs officials in the destination country have scanned the package and allowed it into its borders.

    The shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin.

    The Flyt Express processing facility in China has been informed of the package’s handover to DHL.

    The shipment has been processed in destination parcel center.

    DHL has received the package and scanned it at its parcel hub.

    The shipment has been processed in the parcel center.

    The package’s details have been processed, and it will be sent out for delivery.

    Delivered - Secure location.

    The package was successfully delivered and left at a designated secure location.

    About Flyt Express

    Flyt Express is a Chinese international logistics and comprehensive service (3PL) company headquartered in Guangzhou. It was founded in 2008 and has over a decade of experience in offering delivery, fulfillment, and warehousing services to eCommerce merchants and individuals in China. The company’s products include International Express, International Air Canada, International Dedicated Line, and Postal Parcel.

    From humble beginnings and a limited team, the company has grown and now employs over 500 employees in its various branches around China in cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Huanzhou. Flyt Express has a global sorting center spanning over 50,000 square meters, handling an average of 700,000 orders daily. Its shipping networks extend to the UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, and more than a hundred countries worldwide, making it the perfect 3PL partner for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and AliExpress retailers.

    How to Contact Flyt Express Customer Support

    You can contact the Flyt Express customer service team through the following official channels if you have any inquiries.

    Contact Method


    Headquarters Office

    No. B258, West Area, 2nd Floor, Main Commercial Building, No. 208 Helong 1st Road, Helong Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City




    [email protected]

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