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JCS0501008020IN - Excellent Delivery Performance

Best period of time delivered my shipment

incredible service

it did take 3 weeks to come but it was totally worth it ,always updated me ,they did say they lost it in there van and left it there over night so it was a day late but im happy with it

Poor Quality and poor service

This JCEX company is a rip off. You can't tell when ordering the product is from China and us non refundable. This is a scam. Fabric is so cheap and itchy. All sizes are made fir kids. I agree Google should remove this vendor from access to US customers. We probably put too much faith in Google to protects it's users. What do you say Google! To future buyers, stay away from this vendor.




These people are thieves who operate from a foreign country with no way to return merchandise, which are so small that they should be labeled "child sized, small, med, large". I have been taken, and I must remember in the future to read customers' reviews. This company should be removed from GOOGLE in order to prevent more theft.

Hi how are you my order tracking no JCS0226051232IN

My order should be come March 2 last date but until now I don’t reserve the my passel why can I take any enquiry

DON'T ORDER from this company..

I ordered 4 jackets...received 2...the quality is nothing like hou see in the picture..do not waist you money....damn shame..


WTF,too slow that I miss important time!!!!

Horrible thieves!

They sent a sweatpants outfit. Though called pink, the tops and bottoms were two different shades of pink. It was an XL that didn’t fit my friend who is a size 12. They said I could not return it as shipping to China would cost more than the outfits. I asked for their return address 4 times! They would not give it to me. They told me to donated the $50 dollars worth of clothes to charity and they would refund me 8 dollars. They are behaving illegally and unethically. Do not buy from them!

it is unfair!!!

why my Chinese friend received it so fast!!! but my so slow!!!

Terrible service

It took months to receive the sleep pants I ordered. They were supposed to be pink and they are grey. My size 2 daughter doesn’t fit comfortably in the size large and the material is nothing like advertised. It’s junk and can’t get ahold of the company

wheres my shipment

its worst experience ever, up to date from 01 Dec 18 I didn't receive my shipment, no answering on my emails or my phone calls from the customer service, as per tracking status my shipment in Dubai from 05 Dec 18 and didn't received from 7 days.

Very impressed with the service.

I was out when they tried to deliver my package, but the driver was passing again later in the day, and the delivery was made without me having to rearrange delivery. Very impressed with the service.


Do not use this shipping company I paid a lot for 3-5 days expedited delivery they picked up package on 14th November now 22nd November and still not received my outfit for my daughters wedding on morning of 24th November I explicitly told JJ's House BEFORE unplaced my order I needed it BEFORE 23rd November and was told by email it would be delivered 19th November then sent another email saying would be 21st November then told on 22nd November out for delivery today its 17.20pm and no delivery. Will be stopping Paypal payment for Breach of Contract !!

thank you

Always great service.

Paid for expedited shipping

Was promised 3 to 6 days delivery and still waiting! Have tried numerous ways to contact the company by phone but cuts off. The UK number has no response! Website is in Chinese! Why is there NO customer service!! I need this package for a wedding on Saturday!


My order has been in customs clearance for 3 DAYS NOW IM SO ANGRY! Where is my prom dress!? My prom dress if this Saturday and I ordered my prom dress ages ago!

Reply Bukky

Did you get your prom dress in the end... I\'ve been waiting forever also now I\'m worried

Ok and fast shipment

Okay, comfortable and fast shipment

No complaint

Great experience as package received exactly as what is described on sellers' website. And for shipping, I have no complaint either.

Were is mijn pakket??

Were ifind mij pakket ?
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