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Julie S.

I wanted to leave a review for the lovely person Rida Khan who was super helpful in assisting with locating my package. I work in a shared building so packages are always being left at the other businesses location (who has the same address so no fault) and Rida was quick to show me a pic of where the parcel was left so i could identify exactly where to find it. Im leaving the 5 stars for her.

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These guys cannot be trusted. They fake making an attempt in delivering your item, take a quick picture at their "attempt" and take off. What a disadvantage for the companies because I will no longer buy if joeyco is hired. Get them on camera because your items are at risk of being stolen. If and when caught on camera, file a complaint with the seller and press charges against the driver.

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Lynda Beaudoin

They always late and they blame Amazon they should close their door.The worst company is Joeyco and forêt about their drivers......Big bullshit ....

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Lisa C

Package arrived on time & was great!

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bad, didn't give me my package

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Gerri Jones

Great service Delivered exactly as promised

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michel brodeur

Delivery was 2 days late. Not very goid

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I called them one hour before my business closed. They assured me my package would be delivered before closing. Never received it. The driver left it outside even though I asked them not to. Package stolen. Their drivers are stupid or inept and can’t read instructions. Made a complaint to Amazon.

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I stopped using Amazon because of this very terrible company

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I was not impressed at first. The day my package was supposed to arrive, I was home all day, then received an email claiming they had encountered a problem delivering it. However, when I called cust serv, the agent I spoke with was very nice and professional and assured me they would re-deliver within a certain time frame. I not only received my package the next day from a very polite employee, but the cust serv agent actually called me back later on that day to ensure I was satisfied. Hopefully they employ more trustworthy drivers in general, and put in place a better tracking/confirmation system in the future.

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Out of the 3 first deliveries every had with this company, only 1 have delivered. What kind of company is this? And this is coming from Amazon.. Im starting to think i shouldn't order from amazon anymore.

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Drivers are thiefs. They pretend to attempt to deliver. They stole my $400 item ordered from Amazon. I will be filling a police report.

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Can't find my package can't deliver my package and please just do go out of busines!

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They don't care.

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Our package gets stolen within minutes. These new delivering companies forget what's the meaning of delivery. Careless workers. Not trained properly most likely or 0 care in the world. Wait, I think they hire just about ANYONE to handle our valued goods. Would never trust Joey Co.

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They can never seem to find my house. Once I got a parcel 3 weeks after Amazon refunded my money. This company is garbage.

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Mel Rioux


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Ferial Eid

The delivery went really well. The driver brought my package to my door and made sure I was here to receive it. He was really nice to me!

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Margaret Taylor

Delivery received in good condition very please with service that I received on the telephone.

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