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Constant theft and late delivery
The absolute worst delivery service Amazon has ever used. We have another great delivery service that Amazon uses in Ottawa, however every once in a while Amazon will use JOEYCO for one of my deliveries. I have only every received 1 of 5 deliveries from JOEYCO, the rest were "lost in transit" which translates to they were stolen. You then have to submit refund requests, reorder your product then hope it is not delivered by JOEYCO again. Avoid at all costs.
Worst Delivery in my Life
They do not ring the bell or buzz you, they leave the parcel in the lobby for people to steal, my parcel was all wet and damage. Go back to intelcom if you can.
Very good service
I received the best service from Usman Ansari . Thanks and bravo
bad Shipping
found parcel by accident in snow bank ,we waited all day no one knock or rang doorbell!Not please with the delivery
Terrible service
Leave parcel there... no ring or buzzing. If amazon continues to subcontract to them... iam going to turn to Walmart deliveries.
Cannot believe Amazon works with these guys
JoeyCO delivers in Montreal area for Amazon. Parcel was scheduled for delivery yesterday by 8:00 PM EST and re-scheduled again today for 3-4;00 EST. It's passed 5:00 and still no sign or word of them. Tried to chat with them but customer support closes at 4:00 EST. NOT what I paid next-da delivery with Prime for.
Ring the bell please
Well nothing good say, sorry but every time you leave a parcle in my lobby without calling or ringing my bell is a bad experience as anybody off the street can open the door and take the parcle. I think Amazon should get another carrier. Please ring my bell or call so I can run downstairs and get my parcle. Thanks
Terrible New courier company with Amazon
Originally on Amazon site we could track it with shipped and being delivered from their Longueuil facility and a day later item is untraceable!! Waited 1 more week then the ETA. Now, I’m stuck with no product and more delays Horrible service
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