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I've sent a parcel from London to Budapest for my family. It contained two bottles of multivitamine pills, some clothes, and a document with all my personal details, including my ID number. My family received the parcel harmed, it was visible that it had been opened by someone and quickly mended with some tape, and the pills were missing, also the document with my personal details. This parcel didn't contain anything too valuable, yet they stole even the pills. I'm hungarian, and I'm ashamed of them, this has never ever happened to me in any country, at any post office. Shame on them, and please avoid them if you can at any cost!


Very professional service once again

really great

So easy to move! Everything went so smoothly from the first contact to the firm! Very efficient and cheap :)

Very fast service.

Very fast service.

Excellent on the whole.

He delivered not so fast but has a good attitude. Every time the driver would smile at me when delivering my goods and this affect my mood.

So far so good!

Minor problem occurred and then solved. Anyway, received my goods finaly and this is the most important.
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