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pudiera ser mejor que amazon pero dejan los paquetes en la puerta de calle .

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I see horrible comments. And I'm shocked!!! My experience with this logistics company had been so fantastic! They were prompt! Super efficient!! And fast!!! It's been an absolutely And amazing experience with On Trac. Keep it up guys. And improve in the areas people here listed.

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Kelci P

Jose’ my delivery guy made an honest error and delivered my package to the house down the road from us. When my package said “delivered to front door” I immediately reported it not delivered on the ontrac site. Within an hour and a half, Jose’ showed up to my house in his personal vehicle delivering my package into my hands. It made my day! This man deserves a raise ontrac!!! Puyallup 98375 delivery guy!! He was so apologetic and so sorry and I told him mistakes happen!!! The fact that he went out of his way to bring me my package after hours blows my mind!! Keep this man! He’s amazing!!!!

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Ontrac, by far the best delivery service. Delivery drivers are respectful and helpful. Ive always seen Ontrac drivers safely place items down and keep it 100\% safe. 10/10 for me. Keep going ONTRAC!!!!! Very Very Very dependable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Decided they didnt want to get through the gate to my community so just marked it delivered

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I dread every time I see one of my packages is being shipped through OnTrac. And it seems like more and more businesses are switching to them as their carrier. WHY!? I have placed three orders from Separate companies in the past month, and EVERY ONE of the packages has been delayed and rescheduled for the next business day. My original commitment date was 9/15, and here we are 10/1, still nothing delivered. Their is friendly enough, but offer no real help in getting answers to when packages will actually be delivered. My packages sit in their warehouse just 15 minutes from my address, but yet they are being held. Also back in August they "lost" a PS5 that my husband purchased. Sounds like an employee stole it if you ask me. Shady company all together. I wish businesses would start to realize this.

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First my package was”late” then “missing”. I (yes, ME) had to contact the vendor to resend my item. It is now due today, 9/09 “by end of day”. Let’s see what happens. UPS and FEDEX are so much better! Why any vendor uses this company (the delivery people use their own cars!) is crazy.

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OMG!!! They first said that a carrier attempted to deliver my package (had to be after 9:30pm) but the representative said there was no record of that even though I got an email stating this. My package was then marked as “missing” and I was told by the second Customer Service representative that OnTrac had 8 days to “find” the package before it was classified as “lost”. Let me say up front that the representatives were very polite and friendly even after I mentioned contacting the Better Business Bureau. I was actually thanked for not swearing/cussing by one representative. I don’t understand how this company can stay in business. I know that I will NEVER order anything again where OnTrac is listed as the delivery company. I did eventually get my package right before it was to be classified as “lost”.

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frustrated-Salem Oregon

Simple request to put packages in specific location has stopped being done. Problem started with deliveries March 2020.

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good. I received my order quickly. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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good. No complaints so far unlike for other couriers. Their staff is well coordinated and very cooperative.

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It was even faster than expected. Super !

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Have a helpful tracking system

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Package arrived within a very short time. Apparently, it has a very good management to perform this.

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it offers great service and delivered on time

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I need to sent a package to a place, the package was very heavy for me to get the express company, I ask staff for help and the staff help

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Come as promised with courteous driver and intact package. Perfect!

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They have a user friendly interface and multiple delivery services to choose. I can always select one that best suit my needs. So far so good.

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