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Ontrac: poor service

ONTRAC PROBLEMS., PROBLEMS: I never received this package although ontrac says it was delivered. Ontrac is a poor service. Package was NOT left at my door as clearly instructed. Delivery person did not take a photo of package when/if it was delivered. The package is not where they said it would be. Im complaining to Amazon & telling them all I have is problems with ontrac & am posting on Facebook. I don't believe the package was delivered at all.

Drivers not reading delivery instructions.

Simple request to put packages in specific location has stopped being done. Problem started with deliveries March 2020.

Never delivers to correct address

I have never received a package that was being shipped through OnTrac, and every time it happens, they say there’s nothing they can do about it.

Never deliver on time

Not timeNot surehowthis company still exists when they deliver 3 or more days late, don't answer phones and rarely respond to emails.

It was even faster than expected.

It was even faster than expected. Super !

I didn't get my shipment delivered to me.

I received my package from my neighbor which was placed not even on his porch but left by his road against his barbed wire fence line, he just happened to notice it when he was driving out his lane. He retrieved the package and brought it to us.

I think you don't delivery my item to me

Fuck you. I dont known what your business? It terrible. You not yet delivery to me but you said you had shipped anh delivered to me! Bulshit men


Have a helpful tracking system

Good management.

Package arrived within a very short time. Apparently, it has a very good management to perform this.

a reliable courier

it offers great service and delivered on time

Friendly and nice service of staff

I need to sent a package to a place, the package was very heavy for me to get the express company, I ask staff for help and the staff help

On time

Come as promised with courteous driver and intact package. Perfect!

They perform well so far!

They have a user friendly interface and multiple delivery services to choose. I can always select one that best suit my needs. So far so good.


Not using 'bad weather' or 'undeliverable' as an excuse when it's not true. Taking on Amazon deliveries without the infrastructure will not make for happy customers!