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Worst company

The worst company had to keep calling to get information crate sat on dock for a week waiting to be transfers to different company

Left me waiting

Every week, the expected delivery date pushed out another week. Package was marked delivered but never arrived. Wasted weeks of my time.

They do not care about your product, do not use!!!

Had delivery driver leave product outside of closer business in an insecure area. Luckily someone at business found units sitting in the parking lot before they were rained on or stolen...terrible!!!!

Waited all day

Waited all day for a shipment that was told “oh it will only be another hour” 7 hours later and now my business is closed and has to be delivered on a different day. Don’t work with these assholes.

Worst Experience With a Carrier

I have only had to use R

Great delivery in every way ~

Box was in perfect condition ~ The person that delivered was very nice ~

Horrible service!!!

Stay away from them, threw my order at the entrance driveway and that's it and do what you want, I am disappointed with the service, the lady I talked to was also rude,


You guys. I think blockbuster has a better chance staying in business with their one store then you guys.


Put me on hold then told me it won't get here until next weekend. I thought when you schedule a time it gets there on that day and time? You guys are very worst I've ever experience. I'd rather pay a guy off the street then go through you guys.


You can strap your package on a turtle and will get here faster.


You're better ordering something and never expecting it to come in.

Really just do your job.

You have one job after I had to wait 3 weeks for my order. Just do the one job or don't do it at all. - Gavin

Great tracking tools very prompt.

RLCarriers delivered on time,product was in great condition,and driver very nice man. I went to their site an followed my product from CA. To Vegas, to Boise Terminal then delivered to my home in Idaho. Great service guys, Thanks

Do not Trust this company

Stay away from this company!! They are very aggressive on asking payments, but they don't want to pay even a $ when service is bad. My company put our pallets in 3 different shipments (web pro **, pro **, pro **) on an R+L Carriers truck. It was strapped securely onto a pallet. It left our location in perfect condition. One pallet was delivered at the wrong address and it arrived at our customer's location. The carton was a smash, the other two delivery was delivered at the right location but the pallets was pushed so hard that the porcelain inside is entirely broken. In all three deliveries, the driver refused to write in the bol “Accept the goods with Reserve”.

They will lose your package

If you ship with them you will lose your money and product.

Dishonest and wrong information provided many times

They called me on Wednesday that shipment will be delivered on Thursday but they didn’t. No delivery on Friday. So I called several times. Every different service representatives gave different and wrong information for 2days. I don’t know when can I receive my package

Reply Luda

I have the exact same horrible experience, Luda.

worst experience

Unprofessional and very rude . Package was delivered late and completely wrapped in plastic. Once opened we realized why... iteams were completely damaged, bent, scratched, dented etc...this was metal piece to a smith machine part of the frame. Lady was rude and told us it was our fault for signing delivery. Worst experience ever. Do not use this carrier....

Above and Beyond

I recommend using R L Carriers, I will be using them as our shipper for the future. I got emails that kept me informed. The most important part was my customer was happy and complimented us on our service along with the R L carriers. We appreciate that has R L carriers represented us well. Thank you

Thanks so much

Is my first time receive item from R&L, shipping from CA to VA, quick and the men deliver he very nice to help me.

Horrible service.

First my shipmentsat in one town only 5 hours away for 3 days. Then moved an hour closer and has been sitting getting the same scan departed to final destination every 12 hours. When I asked the company all they said was my item was to be delivered to another company today for final delivery.
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