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Horrible Service And No Support

1. They did not call before showing up as promised 2. My $900 item was left at the street 3. The box was crunched on every side and barely still on the palet 4. My $900 item was broken and mangled 5. They don't respond to emails I RECOMMEND YOU STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Disrespectful towards clients

I requested that the pallet that the shipment came in be removed, and the driver said it was company policy not to take it back, even if the customer gifted it back. It took my elderly wife and myself the entire morning to cut up the pallet and haul it to the dump.

Vary poor tracking

I got no response trying to track my order had to call Main R&L office to find out where my shipment was. My next order I will request that they don’t ship it using R&L carriers.

Slow snail shipping

Ordered air conditioner may 30 . Sitting here in an 80 house because I have no air. Will never buy from company again! Will it get here this summer? Who knows. I’m elderly and handicapped.

Absolutely Terrible Service (Long Post) STAY AWAY

I had a shipment with them going from NY to CA, the PO was released 2.5 weeks ago for some cable tray. First problem with this order, the driver left the material at a destination point in PA. Ok, things happen, I was a truck driver before so I understand things get messed up from time to time. However, it is the company's responsibility to make up for those mistakes, which they did not. So RL told me that they would have delivered before Friday of the next week. That Friday comes, and I get told it would be delivered Monday. Monday comes, I get told it would be delivered Tuesday (yesterday 6/4/2019). Tuesday comes and they could not make the delivery due to the "short window" of time the driver had. Finally the material is on a truck today (6/5/2019). To say that this "short window" excuse is BS, is an understatement. I had gotten a hold of RL's address in San Lorenzo and put it in Google Maps to see how far they were from the delivery point... It is a 30 min. drive WITH traffic. Now I have lost business with this customer due to inexcusable amount of laziness perpetuated by this company. From now on I will specifically request my vendor to not use them in all future orders. They do not answer calls or even attempt to solve any issues for you. I highly, highly, highly, do NOT recommend doing any business with this company. They have lost my business for good here.

in time

In time! Excellent!


Fantastic service, will always go back! Really helpful and friendly.

Best tracking site

I discovered TrackingMore last December and since then I always enter this website to track my packages. Tracking info it provides is very fast and accurate. Very good team to create this site and help people who have needs to track packages. Awesome.

Much reliable!

deliver sent package on my hand safely, so good

10 days no update.

Package sent by RL Carriers has no update for 10 days. Have no idea what to do.

Wonderful express service!

I wonderful experience on this express company

Quite fast!

so fast to delivery my item to me, thank you!

good delivery service

its delivery service is great especially the nice delivery man.

Delivery time is acceptable

Delivery time is acceptable. The number can be tracked all time. Thanks