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I have a very pleasant experience with EMS a box to Singapore. Both you staff were patient, professional and full of empathy as it was my first time using Thai post. Staff code 491389 made Thaipost proud and deserves the highest commendation for being humble, service-oriented and helpful. He tries hard to speak and write clearly in English and I am very impressed with the door to door delivery! A shiny star indeed!

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arrived in six business days ! thailand to usa. small letter registered mail arrives quick!

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Capt Lima

I have lived in Thailand for over a decade and Thai post has always been faster and more reliable than my postal service in Italy. So thank you for a friendly service. People forget that some services here in Thailand work far better than many at home. Keep up the good work.

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Great service. Everything i\'ve ordered has arrived in 8 days so far

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I was worried about having to send a small package to Texas USA from Thailand, but needn\'t have worried at all with the tracking system they have, and this was not sent by airmail, but by sea and land.I was updated daily as to where my parcel was at that time, it was great to have these email updates every morning when I checked on my phone and computer, and it made it all the more fun when it reached the sorting in Texas and then when it moved from one destination to another although they were all in the state of Texas until it reached it\'s final destination. From the parcel being accepted in my local Post Office here in Prasat - Surin Region - Thailand to being accepted at it\'s final destination in Huston - Texas - USA, it took just 15 days, 05-Aug-2020 to 20-Aug-2020 yes, a great delivery. I will soon be sending another smallish boxed parcel to the United Kingdom - England, and I\'m looking forward to tracking that on, and writing another review.

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Seit 19.11.liegt mein Paket in Frankfurt und wird nicht weitergeleitet nach Thailand . Also , nehmen (viel Geld)und nicht geben (Paket). Danke DHL .

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I think it depends on which you use as to the quality of service received. I regularly send parcels to Europe and sometimes they arrive within 1 week other occasions 3-4 weeks .why? I don\'t know.I track the parcels and between Thailand and Europe no updates .transit for much too long. the staff in some s are very helpful but others ignorant and abrupt ,a general review of customer relations is definitely needed.

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Tung Ngan

Follow package very fast

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Quick delivery of post from Chiangmai to UK.

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Status behind Thai EMS website

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Airway 泰雅專營泰國至台灣快件,三天到請洽Line:samlong0203

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great. I got it on time. No sign of dents of the box.

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great. 5 star kay delivery. can\'t wait to open my box.

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amazing. I received my order quickly. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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good. No complaints so far unlike for other couriers. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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good. I received my order quickly. can\'t wait to open my box.

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