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Falsely advertised as streamed! What a joke

Shipment to Virginia - this is the route : Item shipped from Maryland to New Jersey??? Then North Carolina??? and passed off in North Carolina for postal delivery??? It was closer in Maryland where it started. Still have not received packages. NO COMPANY SHOULD USE THIS SERVICE. I would rate zero stars if I could

Why does this place even exist?

DO NOT USE ANY COMPANY THAT USES MAIL INNOVATIONS. My package started its journey on November 13th 2020 and I still do not have it, today is December 2, 2020. No accountability from UPS, Mail Innovations or the USPS. No tracking info and no answers from anyone. Where are the thousands of missing packages you have not delivered? What a scam. Absolutely no acknowledgement from any of the above. They should be investigated.

Reply Mad Hornet

so very true

Worst shipping method ever

I've been taking a package for days now. Two days ago it was in the destination city where it was supposed to be delivered. It then went back to the origin city three states away for no reason and sits there. How is this even saving any money? I would've driven to the ups or usps facility if I had known that they were sending it on a journey in circles for no reason.

Black hole when it comes to tracking, no accountability

Every time something is shipped to me via UPS Mail Innovations, it inevitably ends up in limbo for days to weeks. UPS always marks the package as transferred to USPS, while USPS tracking information doesn't acknowledge receipt for days (if ever). Once your package enters this black hole, good luck ever tracking it down if it goes missing. Most packages will arrive, albeit very slowly, but if it disappears once UPS alleges the handoff has occurred, they will be of no help locating it, saying they have tendered it to USPS, while USPS will point the blame back on UPS. It is an absolute nightmare. I have a package which is coming from the Ukraine. It took only 5 days to get to the US. But it has been in limbo between UPS and USPS for a week now.

Ungodly slow

Ordered an item through JCPenney's. Didn't know they used this company. A week and a half after ordering my item, still don't have it, nor does USPS. coming to OKC from Lenexa, KS. I could have driven there and gotten it faster than this. Absolutely ridiculous.


The last tracking info I had was on November 16th 2020, up to that point my package has gone in the opposite direction of my destination and back. The last info I have on tracking was on the 19th of November telling me my package has been delayed and and delivery is being adjusted, before that on the 16th says package was in Urbancrest, Ohio. I contact UPS and they say contact mail innovations, mail innovations says contact UPS, the USPS knows nothing. WTF! Never had anything so ridiculous with delivery in my life, WILL NOT order from anyone using this service ever again. Will likely never see that package, it is now December 1, 2020.

Efficiency nightmare

This is innovative for those who make money from it. It is not an efficient way to ship anything. Delays and more delays.

14 days and have not located through tracking for 10 days.

This is the most undependable service i have ever experienced .

Late misdirected package, horrible service!!!

Every retailer that uses this service will lose my business! Each and every item I’ve received through them has been late, substantially, been lost in the system, held waiting for acceptance for days and this time they’ve accepted at my local post only to be misdirected and sent back out to some hub 2 hours away. Ridiculous!!!!

Absolute trash!!!

Morrow, Ga Ups mail innovation say they handed the package off to usps over a month ago on one package. Two weeks ago on another. One package turned up on the other side of the country after opening an investigation on it. The other package.... Ups isn't even acknowledging that they've ever had a package with that tracking number. Nobody answers phones. I might have to make a road trip to ask in person because this is absolutely ridiculous. Side note: this website shouldn't require even one star to post a review. UPS Mail Innovation doesn't deserve it.


Businesses stop using UPS Mail Innovations! My most recent shipping nightmare has my package sitting at my local post for 5 days and now shipped somewhere else in the state, several hours away. The merchant won't give me a refund for several days from now. What a horrible shipping method. I have had lost packages before with UPS Mail Innovations and this is going to happen again with this one.

Garbage service! Avoid if possible.

UPS transferred my package to Mail Innovations. On 11/17 my package was at a location just an hour away from my home, then sent to another location 2.5 hrs away and then some nitwit sent it to Tampa FL! Great job UPS on saving a buck. Thought I’d mention too that there is a UPS hub minutes from our home. Always choose another carrier when possible.

UPS Mail Innovations® Expedited is the worst service

The estimated delivery date is misleading. Why TF would my package be delivery to my local Post Office on a Tues morning, only to send it to a PO distribution center 30 miles of the city where I and the local PO are located, that evening. A total logistical blunder. You should at the least update the ETA for my delivery.

If you can avoid mail innovations PLEASE DO

I have ordered two separate orders that shipped using mail innovations and much to my surprise I never ever ever recieved either package. The post would say it’s through ups the ups would say it’s through the post . If I could see who the company ships through and it said mail innovations I would cancel my order! Don’t use them it’s a scam

Absolute joke

Vendors must get paid to use this abomination of a shipping company. Package sitting in KC for 3 days yet expected delivery date was 3 days ago. No one knows anything and do not give a damn. I will no longer use any vendor that does business with this pos partnership.

Literally every package shipped has to be reshipped

I am not exaggerating. Every package I've had delivered by them -- three over a 9 month period -- was lost and had to be resent by the company shipping the goods.

Absolutely terrible, don't touch with a 50 ft pole.

It took a month for me to receive my package. Initially it took a couple days from my package to get from Texas to California like normal. It sat at my city's post for a couple days instead of being delivered on the posted due date. After sitting for a few days, it left the post and headed to Missouri where it sat for a whole month, with zero updates other than it being sent to wrong post (well, duh!). Over a month later I finally got my package...will never use this service again and have told my friends to also avoid.


I cringe when I see that my package is being delivered by UPS Mail Innovations now. Nearly every single package I have received through this service in the past 3 months has been delivered at least 5 days past the expected delivery date. For one package, I watched it being tracked to 25 miles from house at a sorting facility in PA and then nothing. Nothing for days. The next update showed that it was in North Carolina! It took another week to get back to me. They must know how awful their service long can they keep this up? I am absolutely, 100% boycotting any and all companies who use this service. It's just wrong.

Reply Jen

At least you get your packages. Ups is giving me the cold shoulder and the post master is saying they never received the package from ups

Consistently Horrible Service

I despise this delivery method. I can’t understand why good companies continue to use it. Delivery is painfully slow and packages are often lost, at which point the merchant has to refund shipping charges AND rush a new product. How is that cost effective?

Same As Everyone else here

Batting .000!!! Had a antique ring shipped from that I had won in an auction.... They used UPS mail innovations and UPS said they delivered to USPS, but USPS says they never received it. After waiting the required days to file a claim, I was refunded the $$. The ring never arrived. Just this past week, 11-1-2020 my wife ordered another ring from QVC.... Yep....same result. Waiting to file for refund. UPS......Please stop using this!!!
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