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I went to post on 12/30/21 to return 2 Zara packages. One package made it successfully but the other still has not. It is now 2/28/2021. I have tried to submit claims and neither assist me or tell me I am not able to. I have proof of receipt, USPS proved that they sent it, but mail innovations NEVER updated that they received the package. I am at a loss as how this occured. I don't know what to do.

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G. Whitney

Comment on Mail Innovations SLOW service.

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Gene Roth

My shipment hasn't moved from San Leandro since 12/20/2021. I can't find out what the problem is. This is a terrible service.

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Lilly ann

My shipment has been sitting in USPS since 12/28/2021 has not move still saying your package was accepted but pending but USPS claims that they don't want my package yet either they are lying or UPS and USPS has Thiefs that works among them my God bless them because if so they are going to reap what they sow.

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Tom Reale

Looks like UPS does their part but USPS drops the ball big time.

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I ordered a package and I was suppose to receive it on 10 days ago. It has been sitting in the city I love in this whole time and like everyone else, I can’t get any assistance. UPS says check with the seller and the seller says check with UPS so they can verify if it’s loss or stolen! Then the seller is reluctant to send another package because they feel the package may come some time in the unforeseen future.

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Kathi Cozzone

UPSMI is bad

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Horrible service and no one to call. Took 17 days to go from New Jersey to Ohio. It floated around Ohio for a week. Today I got notice it was delivered twice at 1:11 pm. It is only 11:00 am! I will check how my orders are scheduled for delivery in the future. First the Post Office and now UPS. This has happened with other packages too.

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This is the worst service ever! 1st order sent out a month ago, I contacted the company I bought from, they determined it was lost. They sent out the ordered items again. It went from California to Tennessee. Sat there for a week. It finally shows waiting for acceptance at USPS in Baton Rouge, La. Again, no movement here. I placed another order from the same company, they shipped it UPS(not mail innovations), that order was received in 1 week.

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Jessica Pero

Any business or person would be an absolute FOOL to use this service! My package was due 3 days ago and whenever it actually "updates" a location, it's moving further away! Like STATES away! It finally said it was in Michigan, only to see it's in Ohio the next day!? Even Macy's said they couldn't access legit tracking even though they claim to have it. 100\% absolutely DISGUSTED as it was a long awaited for and very expensive item! I'll be filing complaints and reports if it doesn't show. DO NOT USE THIS JOKE OF A CARRIER!!! I ordered something from Vegas this past Monday and it arrived Friday morning!!! With just the regular mail carrier! So dumb

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UPS mail Innovations is awful. While with UPS package will sit for days at a location then transfer to a location farther away for the destination. It can take weeks to make it too somewhere it would get to in 3 days by USPS.

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Mail Innovations is lousy. After five days status says the pkg cannot be found via tracking number provided by the seller. Oh, great…this is a bill to ship to gift and I cannot track it. I Hate Mail Innovations. In todays world, close enough is good enough..that’s Mail Innovations.

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My package is now almost a month late and nothing UPS or USPS will do about it. They got their money, they don't care about anyone's package after that.

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This is innovation?

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ive been expecting a book for the past month. still hasnt arrived.

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Seriously been waiting on tracking updates for a package for nearly 2 weeks and it repeatedly just tells me the same useless information (to keep checking back tomorrow) its like no one actually works here. Plus there's no one to get ahold of they just get the information for your package and do fuck all for a month or send it in the wrong direction. I could've walked and gotten it faster

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Kenneth Combs

Hello All, Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Day in the LORD! Here's praying to HIM that HE gives you the strength to perform your job duties to the best of your abilities each and every day in HIM. Blessings to you in HIS Plan, KC

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I expected to be very unhappy with this service after being very disappointed with fedex smart post (a hilariously misnamed service similar to UPS MI). When I tracked my package and saw it arrived from Washington state to Salt Lake City in 2 days I was not surprised. That’s normal. I also saw they had transferred it to the Post Office and assumed it would moulder in some dark corner of a warehouse for decades. Instead, the package was immediately processed and only took one day to arrive. That’s just the truth. So maybe they are improving.

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Looks like it\'s stuck at the Dallas Post Office!

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Less Than Happy Package Recipient

I\'ve had many items delivered by UPSMI and, in most instances, it takes longer to receive the packages than if sent directly by UPS or USPS alone. Bad idea for UPS to team up with USPS.

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