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I paid large amount of money to FedEx shipping my packages as they promise a fast delivery. Indeed, it works quite well in the past two times and i am quite believe its capability. So, I shipped my goods with FedEx like every time. But they delayed to deliver this time. Now I missed my business opportunity. Very unlucky.


Do perfect in every details

Deserve to recommend!

Just good deserve to recommend!

quite good

the delivery guy is kind and helpful. I am satisfied with the service.

Delivery took one day less!

Package deliveried by FedEx took one day less than previous estimated. So Good!

My package goes the right way with FedEx!

I did not need to care much about the shipping condition of FedEx as the tracking info updates fast enough to know well about where my pacage could be.

Another courier you can count on!

UPS, USPS, FedEx are the three couriers i would like to choose. They are reliable and providing a lot of more value-added services.

not good

Scheduled for yesterday, now they don't have a scheduled date! Schedule right or not at all.

not that good

Do NOT leave my package on my trash can ever again. Leave it on the floor of the front porch. Leaving it on the trash can makes it look like trash which can be thrown out...

rotten service

My parcel from Berlin, Germany with tracking number 809665461197 is being held in customs due to clearance delay. The phone numbers won't work. The email won't work. I can't contact FedEx Philippines the whole day!


I sent a gift to my friend in HK from US on Oct 29, and she receive it today. 5 days is a little longer than I thought, but it's still OK. Good job !