Yanwen Economic Air Mail

Yanwen Economic Air Mail is a shipping method provided by Yanwen Logistic company. This shipping service only provide tracking info within China. 

How fast is "Yanwen Economic Air Mail"?

1. Normal condition: 6-25days 

2. Special condition: 35-60days

How to track "Yanwen Economic Air Mail" package?

1. Enter your number in yanwen tracking.

2. Check Trackingmore package tracking site.

Which countries does Yanwen support send to?

General goods: 40 countries (Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belarus, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, United States, Moldova, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Italy, India, United Kingdom, Chile).

Special goods(internal electrical items or solid cosmetics): 30 countries (Austria, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, India, Israel, Spain, Ukraine, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, South Africa, United States, Canada, France , Russia, Germany, Denmark, Belarus, Brazil, Australia, Greece, New Zealand). Less than Crimea: Ukraine starts with the zip code 95, 96, 97, 98, 99.

Ps. Yanwen Economic Air Mail is only available for goods under 2 kg. 

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