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Learn how to track your packages with Yanwen Tracking. Increase shipment visibility across borders with TrackingMore and get real-time status updates. 

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    Learn how to track your packages with Yanwen Tracking. Increase shipment visibility across borders with TrackingMore and get real-time status updates. 


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    Yanwen Tracking

    Yanwen shipping tracking allows you to follow the progression of your parcel from the time it leaves the distributor or merchant warehouse to when it is delivered to your doorstep or pick-up location. Yanwen tracking provides maximum visibility into the status of Yanwen packages sent within China and internationally. Through partnerships with other global couriers, Yanwen facilitates the delivery and monitoring of packages at each shipment stage worldwide. You can track up to 30 different Yanwen packages from a single dashboard offered by the Yanwen tracking system.

    About Yanwen

    Beijing Yanwen Logistics Company, also known as Yanwen or Yanwen Express, is a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider founded in 1998 and headquartered in Beijing, China. The company has rapidly strengthened its business operations over the past two decades. It has a presence in 55 major Chinese cities and a robust logistics partnership network allowing it to deliver in 220+ destinations worldwide.

    As a people-oriented brand, Yanwen employs over 4000 employees in its facilities, enabling them to provide high-quality logistics services by leveraging cutting-edge intelligent warehousing technology. These multi-system solutions ensure fast processing of packages and accurate hand-over to the right courier service that guarantees clients can conveniently manage their customer delivery expectations.

    How does Yanwen Work?

    Yanwen, a comprehensive 3PL provider for e-commerce platforms in China, facilitates the entire logistics process, from collection to the final delivery. Initially, the company manages the collection of orders from merchants, collaborates with warehouse partners for sorting, and coordinates transportation to export hubs for international shipping. Once the parcels reach their international destination, Yanwen partners with global couriers such as FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, and Royal Mail to ensure efficient last-mile delivery. Throughout this journey, customers can monitor their package's progress via Yanwen's website, which offers real-time shipment tracking, ensuring transparency from order processing to delivery.

    Yanwen Tracking Service

    Yanwen tracking service offers customers comprehensive insights into their shipments' journey, catering specifically to parcels routed through Amazon, the US, and Europe. However, considering Yanwen’s operation model, relying solely on Yanwen’s tracking feature can mean a lack of visibility on the status of a parcel when it is handed over to another courier. Using a reliable third-party tracking solution like TrackingMore helps to resolve this issue. TrackingMore is a universal tracking technology that partners with 1100+ couriers globally, allowing customers to track their parcels continually, even when couriers are exchanged. 

    • Yanwen Amazon Tracking

    Yanwen’s partnership with Amazon Buy Shipping service is one of the reasons many merchants in China prefer to partner with this logistics company. With Amazon Buy Shipping, merchants can buy shipping services from available partners and print shipping labels from their Amazon Seller account. The option helps them access reliable logistics to improve customer experience and earn higher store ratings, all while saving time and money.

    The table below shows different destinations and the Yanwen Amazon estimated delivery times. 


    Estimated Delivery Time 


    5-14 days


    5-8 days

    Rest of Europe

    9-15 days


    5-9 days


    8-12 days

    TrackingMore offers a convenient and reliable way of tracking all Yanwen shipments sent through Amazon. Simply type in the tracking number and get all the information on the whereabouts of a parcel, estimated delivery time, and any exceptions encountered.

    • Yanwen Tracking in the USA

    Yanwen is a middleman between merchants shipping from China to the USA. This means Yanwen does not cater for the last-mile delivery once a package lands on US territory but hands it over to its logistics partners, namely USPS and FedEx. How fast you receive a Yanwen package in the US will depend on the service the merchant in China uses, last-mile logistics by USPS or FedEx, and other factors such as holidays or unforeseen disruptions.

    Most sellers prefer Yanwen Economic or Standard, suitable for light packages most sold on e-commerce sites below 2kg (4.4lb). Yanwen estimates this delivery to take between 14 and 21 days if no delays are experienced. Yanwen Express, the fastest option available, estimates international deliveries to take 5-21 days, factoring in delays. With Yanwen Special Line, which uses air freight to ship packages, US deliveries can take 14-30 days if there are no exceptions during the parcel’s journey.

    TrackingMore supports end-to-end shipment tracking from China to the US. Even with USPS tracking or FedEx tracking, you can maintain high visibility into the location and status of your packages as they embark on the last mile to their destination.

    • Yanwen Tracking in Europe

    With the increased trend of shopping online, Europe has become a top destination for Chinese goods. Yanwen facilitates e-commerce merchants to conveniently fulfill customer orders in the European market with additional tracking capabilities.

    Yanwen deliveries to the UK typically arrive within 12-30 days, with Royal Mail managing the last-mile delivery. For real-time updates on your UK packages, use TrackingMore and access the Royal Mail tracking page directly. 

    Other Yanwen shipments to Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and France are handled by B2C Europe. TrackingMore can help you keep on top of package statuses for shipments sent to these destinations over the average delivery period of 14-30 business days.

    How to Track Yanwen Packages

    Tracking your Yanwen package status is crucial when buying items from China. There are several ways to stay in the loop concerning the whereabouts of your parcels, as detailed below.

    • Via Yanwen's Website

    Yanwen tracking page

    The order confirmation email the merchant sends you will often bear the Yanwen tracking number and a link to its tracking page. This option is straightforward, and all you need to do is visit the Yanwen website, locate the tracking page, and enter your tracking ID to get a glimpse of the tracking events your parcel has gone through.

    Yanwen’s website allows you to track up to 30 parcels simultaneously, provided they are all handled by this logistics provider. Yanwen logistics tracking works well for packages in China but does not offer reliable end-to-end visibility on parcel status once the package is exported out of the country. For transparent shipment visibility, using a more reliable option like TrackingMore is better. 

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Yanwen tracking page

    TrackingMore is a global shipment tracking solution with 1100+ worldwide couriers onboarded on its platform. TrackingMore offers the most dependable alternative to tracking Yanwen parcels for free without user registration. Simply visit the TrackingMore website and type in or paste up to 50 Yanwen tracking numbers to monitor the status of each package from a unified dashboard.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over Yanwen?

    Unlike the Yanwen tracking page that offers limited visibility into the status of exported parcels from China, TrackingMore’s global courier network integration allows you to follow your parcel’s journey even when couriers exchange. 

    E-commerce sites and their customers prefer TrackingMore to help them stay updated on their parcels from China which often change tracking numbers when they arrive in Europe or North America. TrackingMore’s automatic courier detection capabilities ensure you know which last-mile provider handles your parcel and enhance your tracking abilities throughout the entire delivery process. While Yanwen may issue a new tracking number for following up on your parcel when it arrives in the US, TrackingMore can still track your package using the original waybill number, ensuring convenience and maximum visibility even if you don’t receive another tracking ID.

    Using TrackingMore also allows for Yanwen tracking in 14 languages, a significant upgrade from the Yanwen website which only offers Chinese and English. This feature ensures a seamless experience for customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

    Yanwen Tracking Number

    Every package processed by Yanwen receives a unique tracking ID, facilitating the monitoring of its journey across borders and through various handlers. You can easily monitor the status of your shipment on Yanwen’s tracking page or use TrackingMore by copying and pasting the tracking number and clicking “Track” to know its whereabouts and shipping history.

    • Yanwen Tracking Number Format & Examples

    Like every other logistics company, Yanwen has a distinct numbering system that differentiates its shipment tracking numbers, allowing for easy and accurate tracking. Below are some Yanwen tracking number formats and examples.

    Yanwen tracking numbers typically start with two letters, nine numerals, and two more letters at the end. For instance, UD642006195YP and AM106801159YP are such examples. For international shipments, the tracking numbers might resemble TLYWG10125648 or 06215179362415.

    The above tracking number format is assigned when the parcel is shipped through China. However, upon exporting and entering the destination country, it may change. In this case, you will be sent the new tracking or postal number (used by the courier to identify the delivery post office).  With TrackingMore, you can conveniently extend the Yanwen parcel tracking capabilities cross-border, even if the waybill number changes. 

    Yanwen Tracking Statuses 

    Knowing what each Yanwen tracking status refers to will help you improve your tracking experience on TrackingMore. Here are some of the tracking statuses and their meanings. 

    Tracking Status


    Yanwen Pickup scan 

    The package has been picked up from the merchant in China and scanned by Yanwen.

    Processing information input

    Yanwen is recording information on the package and processing the shipment label.

    Last mile=> USPS

    The last-mile delivery in the destination country has been assigned to USPS.

    Yanwen facility - Outbound

    The package has left the Yanwen facility.

    Port of departure - Received by carrier

    An international courier in China has received the package.

    Port of departure - Departure

    The package has left China and heading to the destination country.

    Port of destination - Arrival

    The package has arrived at the point of entry in the destination country.

    Released From Customs

    The package has been cleared at customs.

    Held in Customs

    The Yanwen parcel is being held by customs officials.


    The local carrier has received the Yanwen package.

    Arrived at USPS Sort Facility

    The package has been scanned at the USPS sorting facility.

    Out For Delivery

    The package is out for last-mile delivery in the destination country.


    The Yanwen package has been delivered to the recipient's address.

    Delivery Exception

    Delivery has been delayed because of an issue affecting the process.

    Yanwen Tracking API

    The Yanwen API allows merchants or developers to integrate Yanwen's tracking functionality directly into their own systems, offering real-time package updates for shipments handled by Yanwen.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    We’ve designed TrackingMore’s tracking API to seamlessly integrate with your website without writing new code. Our solution is ideal for teams without extensive development capacity, and we have standby customer support agents to ensure a smooth process. We have partnered with more than 1100 global carriers guaranteeing that your Yanwen packages can be tracked worldwide even when handed over to local logistics partners. 

    The carriers TrackingMore integrated with are

    Express: UPS trackingDHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

    Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

    TrackingMore boasts a reliable uptime of 99.9%, allowing your business to track thousands of shipments in real time. Leading brands like Amazon, DJI, Printify, and Shein trust our solution to offer world-class after-sale service to their customers. Contact our sales team today to book a demo by visiting our website.

    FAQs on Yanwen Tracking

    • How long does Yanwen shipping take to deliver?

    Yanwen’s shipping delivery times vary depending on the destination country, shipping route, type of service selected, and other exceptions such as holidays.

    Yanwen Express typically offers next-day, two-day, and three-day delivery options for local shipments within China. If you send a parcel to an international customer, the delivery can take five to sixty days to complete successfully.

    It is worth remembering that Yanwen does not handle last-mile delivery services in destination countries. Therefore, the standard delivery times highlighted above may vary depending on the local courier’s delivery speed and other exceptions on the package’s journey. 

    • How to tell if my Yanwen tracking number is fake?

    The Yanwen tracking process is a legitimate procedure that allows you to know the status of your shipments. However, some merchants in various marketplaces can issue you a fake tracking number and say it is a Yanwen waybill. 

    To authenticate your tracking number, copy and paste it on TrackingMore or Yanwen’s tracking pages. If the tracking ID is fake, no information except an error message will show. 

    You can also tell if your Yanwen tracking number is fake by comparing the format of the tracking number formats shared above. 

    • Why is my Yanwen tracking number not updating?

    Tracking events don’t constantly update when a Yanwen tracking number is issued. If you encounter a Yanwen tracking not updating situation, allow up to 24 hours from when the merchant shared the Yanwen tracking number to start receiving information on your package.

    How to Contact Yanwen for Customer Support

    If you have questions or face challenges with your shipment, Yanwen offers a customer support team for timely and efficient assistance. You can reach out to their team via the following channels.

    Head Office3F, Block B9, Hengtong International Business Park, No. 10 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, China
    Email[email protected]
    Note: Yanwen's customer service is available from Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.



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