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Branded tracking page

Optimize your customers' order tracking experience, reduce WISMO queries, and drive repeat sales.

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Track orders with one click

No more forwarding traffic to a carrier site. Engage with shoppers longer on your website by empowering them to directly check the parcels' whereabouts on a custom tracking page.

Gain extra marketing channels

Turn parcel tracking into a unique touchpoint of the buyer's journey. Market or upsell new merchandise for extra revenue.

Centralize all carrier data

Overview your delivery operations regarding package volume, target regions, carrier speed, exceptions, etc on one dashboard for effective decision-making.

Simplify ticket management

Goodbye to overwhelming WISMO calls from anxious customers. Hello to an amazing post-purchase experience and improved customer team bandwidth.

Collect customer reviews

Ask your customers about the shipping experience by enabling shipment review on the tracking page. Collect the shipping review from your customers to optimize each shipping route

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A branded tracking page is a web page designed to display your customers' order delivery details. It usually includes your brand logo, colors, and other visual elements for a consistent look. Your customers can leverage this tracking page to find out the delivery progress of their orders, and expected delivery dates.
TrackingMore's branded tracking page allows you to customize the heading, color, logo, delivery messages, footer, etc of the tracking page in any way you want. Besides that, you can drive more sales by offering personalized recommendations on the tracking page. Also, you can integrate it with social media and GA4. This allows you to track your customer behavior more accurately.
1. Add essential details. This includes the order number, tracking number, carrier, estimated delivery date, and a shipment progress bar. 2. Mobile-friendly. Make sure your branded tracking page looks great to both laptop and mobile users. 3. Multi-linguistic settings. This can be extremely useful if your buyers come from different parts of the world. 4. Add messages such as CTAs, discounts, thank-you notes, policy updates, etc. to engage with your customers.
It can increase the lifetime value of your customers. Keeping customers informed of their orders and deliveries can significantly improve their shopping experience, making it easier to upsell them, or convert them into repeat loyal buyers, and reducing the chances of returns. Meanwhile, with fewer ""where is my order"" queries to be addressed, your customer team can be more productive and offer services of higher quality.

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