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tracking number

I have the same tracking number but says mine is in my home town so i will see if it shows up

Why is my order taking so long

Why is my order taking so long to arrive it’s been a month says arrival destination

Slow shipping, no communication

This is the worst system to use for shipping. It’s been almost 2 months I’ve been waiting for my package. - There is no number, email, or ability to respond or contact someone - No communication on tracking on what will or when the step will happen - no info whatsoever on date it’ll arrive to me - the company I used to order SunnyWestDaily.com doesn’t respond or help - NOTHING Tracking number: UF097739463SG


Would of given 0 but it wouldn't let me Had my package for nearly 3 weeks, it's been going back and forth between the same 3 sorting offices. As soon as it gets to the one near me they send it to a different office further away and the cycle starts again. Don't think I'll ever get my parcel!!

Package Never Receieved

My package has been sitting in Hong Kong (where i live) for over a month now and it has not been delivered to the correct address. Every time a number is called, I am passed to another number to speak to and not a single person can help me. This is totally unacceptable. Deliver my package! PX001357085CN

RF745311537SG where is my package???

RF745311537SG where is my package

Lost packave

Where is it


I DID NOT receive my stuff!!!!!! This is a scam

This sucks

It says my package was delivered. It wasn’t brought here so where did you take it? You didn’t mind taking my money. I’m going to the Better Business Bureau!

Item not received after 51 days of order

Tracking Number: UB042396738SG Ordered Date: 29th July 2019 Already 2 months passed but not received the item till date. Kindly tell us where is the item and how much time will take to reach.

Reply Ajit Kumar

are you receive parcel???

0 fucking stars

Man this sum bullshit im bout the call the bank after this week if i dont get my scooter

Can't track [email protected]

been 58 days and counting on package UF095010646SG they cant track crap a piss poor company

mali nimesh

Packed number LP321388297SG

Where is my packed?

Why its stuck at( Shipment arrived at facility and measured.4PX Longhua,Shenzhen,China) Plz do it more faster

Where is my package

dear sir my small courier not received please delivery my packages tracking number is UB044229698SG Thanks For sporting .

Reply mali nimesh

are you receive the parcel


A seller i've bought an Item off eBay are using 4PX as their Courier. Its a wonder how this Seller is still in business. My Order placed on 03/09/19, sent from Seller on 06/09/19, today its the 14/09/19. No Parcel Data Available, have to wait another 2hrs for an Update. The Information given by the Seller of who the Courier is, its only when the Item is paid for. This 4PX is the one and only Courier i've ever had problems with. Never again will I buy an Item from this Seller. Ever.

No delivery

I am handicapped and ordered a mobility device. (Electric scooter). It has apparently dropped out of sight. Cant get any info on it since Aug.24. Poor customer service!!!!!!!

51 days no package

Shows that my package arrived at destination and i received nothing


Where's my Package day 49 cant get help how are your in bissness package number UF095010646SG

Sad very very sad

tracking my item UF095010646SGng getting no where my package lost in there limbo day 47 and counting lost hope of getting my package will not have anything shipped from this company ever again your pure Garbage