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Tracciatura ABX Express italia-Trackingmore supporta la connessione a Aliexpress, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce e altri. Esso offre ABX Express API agli sviluppatori per la gestione delle tracciature e invia email ed SMS personalizzati sugli aggiornamenti delle spedizioni automaticamente.


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the lucky

Hello, I am a normal person with a life span of only 60 to 100 But your package makes me suspect that even if I live to be 200 years old, I still can\'t get it.It show arrive 1 months ago, but there was no one in my house who was able to sign leh? It\'s such a coincidence that a thief entered my house and he tell you my ic number and sign it? Oh, yes, maybe you didn\'t send it out at all. Otherwise, I don\'t know how you did. There is no evidence that you have come to my house to sign for it. Maybe it will take two more months to see my things in the second hand store, then I will shout ABX is the best

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Please let me know where is my parcel? Why it take too long for route scan?

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Why my parcel is still hold huh? Have done deliver but suddenly shipment hold

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Johnathan Tan

My parcel was arrived at my nearest ABX hub (near my location) but i been waiting for more than 1 week for parcel. So i decided to take the parcel on my own at the ABX hub which it was more faster than delivery man to send your parcel to your doorstep. Pick-up at counter (Fast), Waiting for delivery man to sent (macam turtle/snail)

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Kudos to the Kuching branch and her team who went out of their way to deliver my parcel after working hours Tq!

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Servis bagus sebab macam saya yang bekerja, boleh ambil barang selepas waktu bekerja atau hujung minggu. Love it.. Tidak risau barang yang akan dihantar pulang..

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Heavenly goddess

Sebenarnya okay saja abx ni, setakat ni tak pernah lagi ada masalah penghantaran barang mungkin sebab guna alamat company kot. sejak mco ni barang saya masih stuck lagi tapi dorang belum hantar sms untuk self collect. Lebih baik ambil sendiri kalau nak cepat. Tapi rasanya courier service di sabah memang kurang berbanding semenanjung. Tidak tahu la sebab sistem pengurusan lemah ke apa.

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Sometimes very slow sometimes a little slow Give 4 star bcoz previously rated 1 star for 2 times here 2th of April it started route scanning Today it arrived at my doorstep although still a little slow So yea for abx express the time is not consistent if you are urgent DONT USE ABX

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看到了很多人给ABX差评, 我觉得ABX还是不错的. ABX在我这区还是很好. 这两年来如有的选择,我都是选择ABX, 因为物流效率比较稳定. 比起GDEX真的好多了. 有几次在LAZADA买东西, 因为卖家只能发GDEX所以没得选择, GDEX的物流就真的不稳定, 好几次OUT OF DELIVERY了结果又因为司机来不及派送导致要拖到隔一天再来. 起码我这里的ABX不会这样.

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amazing. Fast shiping. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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great. 5 star kay delivery. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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great. i received the package and delivered it on time. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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fast shipping. Nice packaging of the product. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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love it. I got it on time. can\'t wait to open my box.

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fast shipping. Fast shiping. I am super Happy.

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good. Nice packaging of the product. I am super Happy.

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love it. Fast shiping. can\'t wait to open my box.

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amazing. I received my order quickly. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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not bad. 5 star kay delivery. No sign of dents of the box.

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Excellent and on time service. The delivery guy was very friendly.

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