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Chantal Botte

Mon colis CK009495003NL est bloqué en douane depuis le 16 mars . Pouvez vous faire le nécessaire afin de débloquer . Commande du 27 février avec garantie de livraison 10 jours

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Where is my package? It showing delivered but I did not got it yet.. UFYVZ1587008939YQ. My tracking is Pls deliver my parcel or refund my money I m from canada nd my order was coming from china, where is the parcel Reply pls

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Natalia Oseguera

No me llega mi paquete y ya tiene mucho tiempo, porque toma tanto tiempo? se pagó desde inicio de mes y no hay información en el seguimiento

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Acacio Francisco

Já passa mais de uma semana que o meu pedido apresenta informações que já se encontra no país de destino (Angola - Luanda), mas até ao momento não recebi nenhum contacto e não sei onde me dirigir, por favor ajudam me a resolver isso

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Fabian Alei

Its been over a month now and my product hasn't been shipped out from its last destination or distribution station which is Japan..My product has been shipped from China and now its over a month in Japan..What's taking that long?? My product number is SF1317337961651..Please I need an update or answers why its taking too long to be shipped to me

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Rahul kumar singh

It's been four month I ordered the product. Its showing delivered to the destination. My tracking I'd UA402532714SB. Can you help me finding out my product

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Bernie Esquivel

My tracking link says that my order arrived in the destination country in July. I still have not received anything, and it's been over 100 days. Can someone please help? Tracking UT568709777TH

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Toni Can

Podrían informarme donde se encuentra este paquete que hace casi 3 meses que no me llega, gracias, mi dirección es [email protected]

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This company should be shut down.

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No hay ningún teléfono para llamar y mi paquete no llega , dice q lo han devuelto, pero esto es un desastre!!!!! De empresa

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Nadeem S M

ok here is the thing i tried a thousands times contacting the supplier but no response not evena text of response second i tried reaching CAINIAO couriers i tried mailing them plenty of times no response i tried call them many times in different numbers ther and alot of number here they are +864006075388 +86075583766626 +8613724534066 +8618267394077 +86188229893387 i tried them all alot of times alot no response the package was stuck on 2021-09-24 and it said arrived in destination i was trying to chase every day no response no help i was waiting today they updated 2021-10-24 17:46 it says delivered where who no one called me i purchase alot from this site but i feel ther is no help receiving i tryed opening a dispute clicked refund cash nothing it asks did u receive the item no then it says check with couriers i mean what will i do.....

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LT709728651NL où m comment vous avez très loin ? Toujours pas livré pourquoi

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Brent J Bramwell

my tracking # is UT405731294TH & it says my order has been in the country of origin since September 28th...what us goin on with my order???

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valeria fernandez

UT598920976TH Tracking number waiting for this package since Aug 27 and still haven’t received it and this people you can’t even talk to them !!!!!! So freaking irresponsible!!!!!!! I want my money back !!!!!!!!!

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Judy Haley

Followed tracking order number and it says delivered. I have not received my product. Sick of dealing with Chinese companies and their delivery services. Second time in a month goods tracking saying delivered and nothing.

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No he recibido mi pedido y estoy muy enojada, esto es una burla. Todos deberían saber que don mi malos, no Volvería comprarles y no permitiré un envío desde este servicio

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No he recibido mi pedido SYAE007262777 y no quieren hacer el reembolso. Diganme como hacer para que me den mi paquete ya que ni me dejaron algún aviso de que ya habían intentado entregarlo. Falta de comunicación!

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Hola, me gustaría saber en qué lugar de Cali está ubicada la oficina, dado que mi paquete no pudo ser entregado, y me dice que debo ir a la oficina, pero no hay una dirección ni un teléfono al que uno se pueda comunicar. Gracias

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Pasan sin avisar hasta que están en la puerta, luego mienten en la hora a la que pasaron diciendo que no estabas. Tras 1 intento de entrega lo tenían en almacén para devolver a origen y gracias a que estuve llamando hasta que lo cogieron pude pasar a recogerlo, si no ciao al paquete.

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Hi, I have ordered a parcel. Its been more than 100 days and its not yet delivered. UT568901528TH is the tracking number.

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