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Do not use Canada Post mail hold and mail forward services!

These services sound so great, the idea is fantastic, but Canada Post cannot manage mail and so it becomes a nightmare. Much better to go the old fashion method and ask your neighbour. I used both the mail re-direct twice and mail-hold services once in the last 12 months, both services are poor. Problems: mail re-directed as undelivered and mail held/lost for more then 15 days past the service period. I have been waiting for my mail since April 3rd and its April 17th and no mail. I just heard from a financial Institution that mail re-directed from Sudbury to Ottawa for 3 months was send back to sender as un-deliverable. Luckily, the financial institution contacted me to inquire about a address change. It leaves me to wonder what other mail was lost last fall. No word on when I am to receive my mail that originally was on hold. Efforts to resolve with two visits to the local post office and three calls to customer service, each promising in turn that the issue will be resolved. Now I have receive a promise of delivery by the 24th of May, who knows how this will end.

Lost In Space

Unbelievable! Their own web site for tracking states that you can track with either a tracking number OR a reference number. QUOTE: ..."or you can select the reference number box..." BUT THERE IS NO REFERENCE NUMBER BOX!!!! Why does everything with these people have to be a futile effort? Like their employees - it's no damn wonder that so many parcels get lost. I've just stopped ordering from outside of North America. I can't take the frustration any more. They are single handedly killing Canadian citizens participation in the Global Economy.

Never recieved

I tracked this item & it said it was delivered but I never recieved it ! So I'm not a happy customer at all & I haven't been ever since we got this new letter carrier in our area. I'm putting in a formal complaint because it's a constant problem with this lady.

Incompetent/Insensitive Canada Post

Why would Canada Post even have that "option of SAFE DROP" without letting us know. I had lost a pair of good quality boots last year and now they safe dropped an item at my garage. I was expecting someone would ring my doorbell but nobody did until I complained to that my package was delivered already and to find out that it was outside our garage door waiting for thieves to steal it!!! If there was an option for me to pick it up from the nearest Canada Post branch, I would have opted for it but it said the item was not available for this option. Poor Canada Post Service.

Horrible customer service

Not happy at all right now!

10 days Express Mail and no delivery.

Item has been shipped by 24 of December Express to the States , Tracking number EM077976106CA , now is January 2 , item is not delivered , last record on December 29 , I very hope the item is not stolen... I pay such money for service and there is no service , bunch of lazy bastards and thieves .Avoid Canada Post , last year I have lost 3600 with no return .....They need hard investigation.

Tracking info hard to obtain.

Hard to find information regarding delivery and shipping tracking . Goes atound in circles and refers you back to original website. ??? My tracking number YT1834611113001966 Did not seem to want to eork. Lois Spencer

Where is my parcel ?

Today December 25th and no update since December 18th . Just show Awaiting release from Canada. 9 days!!!! If it's true . Terrible service .

Awaiting release from Canada

I understand that sometimes the delay with mail service could be happened but awaiting release from Canada over 6 days ??????? How ?????? Still in Quebec ((((( OMG.

Still no update

I ordered a package shipped from the US and it arrived in Mississauga Nov 29, sat there until it finally moved to Montreal (Dec 9), left Montreal Dec 10 and no further updates. It is now Dec 13 and should be in Ottawa and delivered by now. This is absolutely atrocious!

Still not received.

My package has been in transit for more than 15 days now. I haven't had a single update since the 6th of Dec and its now the 13th. Very disappointing.


Why is it taking a week just to ship something within Canada. You spoilt my plans for the christmas

not happy

I understand there is a delay with mail service but sitting on a truck for two weeks is not a delay, you will charge me and take my money but my parcels just sits on a truck for 2 weeks, I can't believe that this is allowed.


your services are unreliable and history. GO BACK TO WORK YOU BUMS


We want to say thank you to the amazing postman who delivers our packages and mail via Canada Post in Port Alberni. He always makes sure we get our packages and doesn't leave them out in the rain or for thieves to steal unlike purolator or UPS. He is patient with both myself and my wife knowing we have a baby and is always super friendly when we answer the door. Because of this amazing service we have been picking to use Canada Post even if it costs us more money to ship items. He is a great asset to your company and is why we choose to use Canada post


Excellent service, as always

great service

I received my shipment earlier than I expected, that's cool, thanks.

Good vender

I know this vendor sells things which is dropshipped through AliExpress. But I actually loves those goods despite sometimes things will be on route for a longer time.

Thank you!

I benefit a lot from this site. Always give me the latest tracking info. And Canada post tracking page gives you the exact tracking info as you see in the Canada Post official website.


Hello, Can you please send that Shipment back to my adress: Jeton Berisha, Hausmattstrasse 441, 4716 Welschenrohr, Schweiz. for any questions: [email protected]
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