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greg e primrose


Daha Fazlasını Göster
Mary O'Coin

I paid for a signature delivery .and the mailman gave it to a stranger to pass on to the right person .not acceptable.

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Sent Package by Priority

I applied for a temporary assignment position and part of the interview process was to send highly sensitive personal information-original paperwork only. Criminal record check, fingerprints etc. Sent by Priority mail on November 16, 2021 from NB to the Security Screening department in ON. Canada Post states expected time 3 days. It is now going on almost 4 months to the day!! I received an email from their HR department that they can’t locate the package and would I resend copies!! Now my highly sensitive, personal information is lost and no plan to recover my package!! I don’t have copies because they said they wouldn’t except copies-I am seriously at my wits end!!!

Daha Fazlasını Göster
Unhappy customer

This the second time they lost my package. They delivered it to the wrong address and unprofessionalism with is despicable

Daha Fazlasını Göster
Mark smith

I have a parcel that canada post says the expected delivery is feb 7 , 2022 but I have received no tracking results thus far. So what? The only tracking ill get is when it arrives then you can say "delivered"...ridiculous

Daha Fazlasını Göster
Pauline Anne deroche

Place claim for damage item ..insurance means nothing ..sent pics damage items ..won't reimburse me nothing ...great business ethics..not ..bunch or useless people

Daha Fazlasını Göster

don't expect rapid service

Daha Fazlasını Göster

with only one eye I can see this choice was a failure

Daha Fazlasını Göster

i will touch a star before I get to touch my package

Daha Fazlasını Göster

not worth it

Daha Fazlasını Göster

so frustrated

Daha Fazlasını Göster

taking forever. I would like to pick up and have a reliable company take over

Daha Fazlasını Göster

Didn't want supplier to ship through them but lost that debate. Now I suffer Canada post wait times uhg!

Daha Fazlasını Göster

I don't understand how they take so long and still hold there head up with pride

Daha Fazlasını Göster

I try to ship they no get on time

Daha Fazlasını Göster

small guy care more

Daha Fazlasını Göster

Grand baby need their x-mas gift

Daha Fazlasını Göster

was no help and very rude

Daha Fazlasını Göster

where's the beef

Daha Fazlasını Göster

if i could go back and do things different, i would!

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