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    Track your Canada Post packages through its official website or speed up the process with TrackingMore’s powerful tracking API.


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    Canada Post Tracking

    Canada Post tracking is a convenient way to keep up with the status of a parcel being handled by the carrier. By inputting your designated Canada Post tracking number on their official website, you gain access to real-time logistical data. In the absence of a tracking number, their system allows tracking through delivery notice cards or reference numbers. 

    Canada Post Xpresspost tracking is a prime example of the carrier's commitment to transparent shipping. Through this service, users can effortlessly track their parcels, gaining real-time insights into the package's progress and delivery timeline. It showcases the effectiveness and convenience of Canada Post shipping tracking capabilities.

    About Canada Post

    Canada Post is Canada's leading postal services operator. It is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and has a nationwide network of 6,200 postal offices. The operator began operations in 1867 as Royal Mail Canada before rebranding to its current name in the late 1960s. Today, it has the most robust parcel distribution service in Canada and ships to over 190 countries worldwide.

    Canada Post Tracking Services 

    Canada Post provides an array of delivery services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers, whether for business or personal purposes. From Xpresspost to Expedited Parcel, International Parcel, and Tracked Packet USA, customers have a variety of options tailored to their specific shipping destinations. Explore the details of each service below.

    • Canada

    Within Canada, Canada Post's tracking system provides timely updates, allowing customers to stay informed about their package's journey throughout the country. Here's a closer look at Canada Post's unparalleled domestic shipping services.


    Estimated Shipping Time (Business Days)

    Delivery Service





    Next day

    Next day

    Next day


    Next day

    Next day

    2 days

    Flat rate box

    1 - 2 days

    1 - 4 days

    2 - 8 days

    Regular Parcel™

    1 - 3 days

    3 - 6 days

    4 - 10 days

    • USA

    For shipments to the USA, Canada Post tracking delivers consistent updates, giving customers clarity on the progress of their parcels as they move between Canada and the United States. It's noted that Small Packet™ USA is unavailable for tracking function. Below are the Canada Post's shipping services to the United States.

    Delivery Services

    Estimated Shipping Time (Business Days)

    Xpresspost™ USA

    2-3 days

    Expedited Parcel™ USA

    4-7 days

    Tracked Packet™ USA

    4-7 days

    Small Packet™ USA

    5-8 days

    • International 

    Canada Post international tracking provides detailed tracking insights, keeping senders and recipients informed as packages journey across borders. It's noted that International Parcel™ and Small Packet™ International services are unavailable for tracking functions. Below are Canada Post's international shipping services.


    Estimated Arrival Time (Business Days)

    Delivery Service

    By Air

    By Surface

    Xpresspost™ International

    4-7 days


    International Parcel™

    12+ days

    4-12 weeks

    Tracked Packet™ International

    6-10 days


    Small Packet™ International

    6-10 days

    4-12 weeks

    • Canada Post Registered Mail™

    Registered Mail™ by Canada Post offers a specialized service for those who need verifiable evidence of mailing and delivery. By securing the signature of the recipient or their proxy, it grants the sender a detailed receipt indicating the purchase date, and an authentic copy of the delivery acknowledgment signature. The reliability of Canada Post Registered Mail™ tracking makes it a preferred tracking solution.

    Below is the estimated delivery time of Canada Post Registered Mail™.


    Estimated Delivery Time (Business Days)


    2-8 days (Depends on the destinations)


    2-3 days


    4-7 days

    How to Track Canada Post Shipments and Packages

    Canada Post's website conveniently keeps up with the status of your Canada Post shipments and packages and sets the right expectations. Other third-party tools, like TrackingMore, allow you to speed this process up and get accurate and timely information on the status of your shipments within seconds.

    Below is a breakdown of the Canada Post office tracking procedure.

    • Via the Official Website

    Canada Post tracking page

    Tracking a package on the Canada Post website is simple and fast with the following steps. 

    1. Visit Canada Post's official website and locate the "Track your delivery" section.

    2. Type in or copy and paste your shipment's Canada Post tracking international number. Canada Post allows you to simultaneously check the status of up to 24 packages by entering their tracking IDs separated with commas. 

    3. Click on the “Track” button below the tracking number field to bring up the status of your packages. 

    Canada Post tracking status

    • Via the Official Mobile APP

    Canada Post mobile app

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how to track Canada Post packages using their official mobile app.

    1. Download and install the Canada Post mobile app.
    2. Launch the app and log in or register.
    3. Select the "Track" option and enter your tracking number.
    4. Review the current status and details of your Canada Post shipment.
    5. Enable Notifications (Optional): Turn on notifications for automatic updates on your shipment's status.
    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a leading shipment tracking solution designed to give you end-to-end visibility on the status of your Canada Post shipments locally and globally. With TrackingMore, you can easily know which stage your package is at in the shipment process and anticipate its arrival. 

    TrackingMore Canada Post tracking page

    To track your Canada Post package through TrackingMore, follow these steps. 

    1. Go to the TrackingMore's homepage and click on the “Carrier” option on top of your screen. 

    2. Search for "Canada Post" in the search box above the carrier list.

    2. On the page that opens up next, type in your Canada Post tracking numbers in the field provided. TrackingMore allows you to enter 50 tracking numbers on a separate line. 

    3. Hit the orange “Track” option below and you will see the status of your packages instantly. 

    TrackingMore Canada Post tracking status

    What Information Does Canada Post Package Tracking Reveal?

    At TrackingMore, we’ve worked hard to develop an efficient tracking system that helps you know your Canada Post shipment's exact location and status. Some of the information that you can track about your inbound or outbound packages include:

    1. Shipping Status - By entering your Canada Post package tracking number into the TrackingMore tracking page, you will know the current status of your shipment, whether it is in transit, out for delivery, or already delivered. 
    2. Origin and Destination - Using TrackingMore, you can know all the necessary information about your Canada Post shipments' country of origin and destination, current location, and shipping history. 
    3. Estimated Delivery Date - The date Canada Post expects to deliver your shipment is also available when you track it through TrackingMore. 

    Canada Post Tracking Number

    The tracking number is at the heart of your efforts to track Canada Post shipments. Canada Post tracking number is a unique alphanumeric code that helps identify each shipment you expect or send out via Canada Post. 

    • Canada Post Tracking Number Format & Examples

    The Canada Post tracking numbers are alphanumeric characters that help to identify each shipment’s location and status. Each Canada Post express tracking number is unique from the other and denotes the type of shipment, whether local or international. 

    • Domestic Canada Post packages’ tracking numbers are 16 numerals. An example of this tracking number is 7324166217544488.
    • International Canada Post Canada Post parcel tracking numbers are 11 or 13 characters long, with two letters at the beginning and two more (CA) at the end. Examples of such tracking numbers are EE220718414CA and MW601081143CA.

    FAQs on Canada Post Tracking Number

    • How to find my Canada Post tracking number?

    When you order goods online, a shipping confirmation email typically provides the Canada Post tracking number. If you don't find the tracking number in your email, it's advisable to contact the merchant directly for the waybill number. 

    If you send out a parcel through Xpresspost, Regular Parcel, or Priority, your delivery confirmation will contain the Canada Post tracking number on the receipt, prominently displayed at the bottom. Similarly, shipments sent via Canada Post Expedited Parcel USA and international packages will have the waybill number available both on the receipt and the duplicate of the shipping label.

    It is worth noting that Canada Post does not disclose tracking numbers even when you forget them in line with the company’s privacy policy.

    • How soon after shipping will I get the Canada Post tracking number?

    Ideally, your Canada Post tracking number will be issued immediately after you order online or the package is shipped. However, this may take up to 24 hours at times.

    • How to track a Canada Post package without a tracking number?

    Canada Post also allows other alternative ways of tracking your package without a tracking number. 

    - Via a Delivery Notice Card Number

    The delivery notice card number is a 15-digit ID you will find just above the barcode on the delivery notice of your package. This option for tracking Canadian Post packages only applies to domestic shipments.

    - Via a Reference Number 

    Senders sometimes create reference numbers to help with record-keeping and offer another option for tracking your package. To get the reference number for tracking your Canada Post parcel, you must contact the sender and request one if they created it. Alternatively, you can check the shipping confirmation email the sender sent you to locate the reference number.

    Prepare to be asked by Canada Post to provide the destination postal code to help with shipment identification when using a reference number for Canada Post order tracking.

    Canada Post Tracking Statuses

    Canada Post tracking statuses can sometimes be unclear and confusing. Here is a breakdown of what each tracking status term means to help you accurately track your parcels' status.



    In Transit 

    The package has been received and is on its way to the designated destination.

    Out For Delivery 

    When the status indicates “Out for delivery,” expect the parcel to arrive at its final destination. Canada Post will also share more details about the parcel’s delivery progress.

    Notice Left 

    The package has been redirected to a pick-up location or post office due to no one being available to receive it, the large size could not fit in the mail compartment or post office box, or the sender has instructed the package to be picked up at a post office.

    Delivery Attempt Made / Rescheduled For Delivery Next Business Day

    An unsuccessful delivery has prompted Canada Post to reschedule for the next business day. The parcel may also have been returned to the depot, but there is no option for postal office pick-up.

    Verifying Recipient's Address; Possible Delay 

    There is a discrepancy with the delivery postal address that needs verification noticed by the delivery agent.

    Check Delivery Progress 

    Canada Post’s shipment process was interrupted, and you need to review the details shared below the delivery progress bar.

    Item Held By Customs 

    The package is awaiting customs clearance.

    Delivered As A Safe Drop 

    The recipient was not available to receive the package, but it was left at a safe location in their vicinity.

    Available For Pickup 

    Canada Post has safely delivered the package to a pick-up location, and it is ready for collection.

    Tracking Information Is Unavailable 

    The package may have been mailed, but the tracking information is unavailable because of delays updating it, or it was sent by Letter-post or Small Packet to a US or international destination.

    Canada Post Tracking API 

    The Canada Post tracking API is a shipment status tracking solution that empowers businesses of all sizes to track multiple shipments conveniently and maintain end-to-end visibility into the delivery process. Integrating with the Canada Tracking API allows your business to track orders and returns across Canada and the other 190 countries that Canada Post ships to.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore has a cutting-edge shipment tracking API that integrates with more than 1100 carriers globally, including:

    Express: UPS tracking, DHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

    Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

    With TrackingMore API, you can improve shipment status monitoring for thousands of orders, including Canada Post shipments, without breaking a sweat. TrackingMore boasts exceptional data accuracy and excellent API uptime of 99.9%, allowing your business to provide real-time shipment status updates to customers wherever they are. The solution also complies with the rigorous ISO27001 data protection standards. The API is easy to deploy without needing a robust development team, and the TrackingMore support personnel is always on hand 24/7 to help you streamline the integration.

    Top brands like Amazon, DJI, Shein, Printify, and DhGate approve of TrackingMore and integrate with TrackingMore API to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience and drive sustainable business growth. Book a demo today and get a glimpse of how TrackingMore can help you transform your business logistics.

    Canada Post Tracking FAQs

    • How accurate is Canada Post tracking?

    Canada Post tracking is accurate most of the time. However, their estimated delivery times may vary depending on many factors, such as customs holding up packages and delays in updating the tracking information by senders, which occasionally affects the delivery time.

    • Why is my tracking status not updating?

    When you notice that it has been a while before the tracking status of your Canada Post parcel has been updated, it means there may be possible delays, such as bad weather and road closures, affecting the delivery progress.

    • Does Canada Post update tracking on the weekend?

    Canada Post updates tracking statuses on weekends, although less frequently than on business days. This is because Canada Post does not deliver on weekends and has fewer employees available to update parcel statuses.

    • Why does my Canada Post package say “Delivered” but it is missing?

    Canada Post’s attempt to deliver your package to you in person may not always be possible. In this case, the package will be dropped at a safe spot around your home or handed over to someone else at your destination. Check in with anyone in your home, neighbors, building managers, or others with whom you share a community mailbox to help trace the package.

    Contact Canada Post Customer Service

    You can contact Canada Post customer service if you need any support through the following channels.

    Channel Detail Service hour
    Mail Address

    PO BOX 90022

    Live Chat

    Telephone (General enquires) Canada - 1-866-607-6301
    International 1-416-979-3033
    Monday to Friday, 7 am to 11 pm ET
    Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm ET
    Social Media

    Facebook -

    Twitter - 

    Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm ET




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