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    Track your Canpar Express package the easy way with TrackingMore. Enter the tracking number and click Track for real-time updates on your package progress.


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    • How Can I Track My Canpar Express Package?
    • What Does My Canpar Express Status Mean?
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    Canpar Tracking 

    Canpar Express is one of the leading logistics service providers (LSPs) in Canada. It focuses on small parcel delivery and provides shipping solutions that address the ever-changing customer needs.

    Canpar Express provides simple and advanced package tracking capabilities. So, whether you need to track one or several packages at once, Canpar Express has got you covered. You can track your Canpar parcel using a tracking number, delivery notice, pickup tag, or reference number. In the case of a reference number, you'll need to input the destination postal code or shipper number to track your package. 

    How Can I Track My Canpar Express Package?

    Tracking your Canpar Express package is straightforward. You can track your package in the comfort of your sofa using a smartphone or a computer and the tracking number, reference number, pickup tag, or delivery notice number.

    Here are two ways in which you can track your Canpar Express package.

    1. Through the Official Canpar Website

    Canpar tracking page

    • Open your device browser and go to the official Canpar Express website.
    • Click the Tracking tab and select Track a Package.
    • Choose your preferred package tracking method from the page (you can choose to track your package using a tracking number, pickup tag, delivery notice number, or reference number). 
    • Enter the correct tracking number and click Track to initiate the tracking process. 

    The website will redirect you to the tracking results page and display the real-time status of your shipment and other tracking details, as shown below. 

    Canpar tracking status

    2. Through TrackingMore 

    TrackingMore Canpar tracking page

    Here are the steps to follow to track your Canpar Express package using TrackingMore. 

    • Go to the TrackingMore website.
    • Click the Carriers tab and scroll down to Carriers List.
    • Search Canpar on the search bar and select the carrier. Alternatively, you can go straight to this Canpar Express tracking page to skip the previous steps and save time. 
    • Enter your Canpar package tracking number and click the Track button. You can enter up to 50 tracking numbers at a time. 

    Note: You will be required to enter the postal code of the package destination.

    The website will then redirect you to the tracking results page and display the real-time status of your package along with the package shipping details, as shown below. 

    TrackingMore Canpar tracking status

    TrackingMore is an all-in-one third-party parcel tracking platform that allows you to track packages from different logistics service providers. You can track packages from over 1,100 popular LSPs globally, including FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and Australia Post. This makes it perfect for customers and sellers who deal with multiple LSPs. 

    The TrackingMore platform supports up to 16 languages. This makes it suitable for users from different locations across the world, as it addresses the challenges of language barriers. 

    What’s more, TrackingMore provides one of the best global shipment tracking APIs. E-commerce sellers can integrate this API into their own systems to gain a comprehensive view of all their packages’ statuses. This API helps them add a parcel-tracking function easily, delivering a smooth package-tracking experience to customers. 

    Canpar Express Tracking Number

    A tracking number is a unique number assigned to parcels when shipped. This number is used by the sender, carrier, and recipient to track the real-time progress of the package throughout its delivery journey. 

    Tracking numbers are made up of letters, numbers, or both. Also, their formats and lengths vary depending on the postal or delivery service provider. Canpar Express uses a 22-digit tracking number consisting of one letter and 21 numbers.

    Here are some examples of Canpar Express tracking numbers.

    - D576005060000106687001

    - D420009190000015983001

    You can track your Canpar package by using a delivery notice number if you received a delivery attempt notice. This delivery notice number starts with “W” and is found on the top of the notice. Tracking the package using this number will give you the current status of your parcel and the pickup location.

    The reference number provided by the sellers also can be used to track your Canpar packages. What’s more, if Canpar could not deliver your package or missed you, you will get a pickup tag number on a sticker or letter left at the delivery address by couriers. You can find the Canpar package tracking or reference number on the pickup tag to help you track the returned package.

    What Does My Canpar Express Status Mean?

    When you track your Canpar package, you’ll come across several statuses. Here’s a table showing the statuses you may find and what they mean. 

    Tracking Status


    Arrival at terminal/hub from bulk/ city trailer.

    This status means that your package has been received at the Canpar hub or terminal from a city or bulk trailer. 

    Extra care

    This status means your package has undergone special handling to ensure it is delivered safely.

    Sort through facility

    The package has been sorted at the Canpar facility and is ready for delivery. 

    Departing terminal/hub via linehaul

    The package is leaving the Canpar facility and is being shipped to the next address.

    With courier

    This status means that your package is on the way - Canpar is shipping your parcel to the final destination.


    This status means that your package has arrived at the final destination. You can go and pick it up. 

    About Canpar Express

    Established in 1976 by John Cyopeck, Canpar Express has developed to become one of Canada's leading small package delivery companies. In 2002, the company was acquired by TFI International, a leader in Canada's logistics and transportation industry, which offers a unique combination of resources, geographical coverage, and capabilities in domestic and cross-border markets. 

    Canpar Express has more than 1,700 members committed to creating solid working partnerships with clients as part of its commitment to serve. Also, it boasts over 55 terminals, including the primary sorting facilities in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, and over 800 SMARTSpot locations in Canada. 

    Like many other LSPs, Canpar Express has embraced innovation to discover unique shipping solutions to help deliver customer parcels effectively while keeping the costs friendly. 

    How to Contact Canpar Express Customer Service

    Here's how to contact the Canpar Express customer service team if you have issues with your package or any other query. 

    Contact Method


    Operation Hours


    Canpar Express

    201 Westcreek Blvd. Suite 102

    Brampton, Ontario, L6T 0G8




    Mon - Fri: 8 A.M. - 8 P.M. EST

    *For bilingual agents: 

    8 A.M. - 4 P.M. EST 

    Live Chat

    Web chat

    Mon - Fri: 10 A.M. - 7 P.M. EST

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