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Can't be trusted with living plants. Took 5 days to deliver despite clear labelling - 'Living Plants' and 'overnight'. Appeared to have sub-contracted the delivery to another company, who then plead ignorance of the delay and damage to packaging and plants. Not our first poor experience of this company

dont use them

failed to deliver 3 times and have still failed to return it to the seller after a week and seller mazda-mx5 parts refusing to refund untill dx return it to them ... will never use them both again


more over the last update for today which is 22/04/2020: the new lie that the driver asked me to come down and help him on the parcel and I refuse because is not my duty , the lie that the driver he never attend next to my door and yes is not my duty to come down and help him apart from that I can't help him because im partly disable so yes that your duty to delivery it to my door as you been paid for this and as I know from sender that own the time when been booked yes you know about the size for parcel other wise why you accept to collect it ??? AS I CAN SEE YOUR DASH OF THE DAY KEEP LIE AND LIE AND LIE TELL PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU . THANKS FOR YOUR HELP I HAVE GET MY MONEY BACK FROM SELLER AND I BOUGHT CHEAPER ONE IN 75£ SO THANK FOR HELP ME SAVING 75£ WITHOUT YOU MEAN IT .

Dont waste your money or time

Rude, don't deliver on time and use every excuse under the sun as to why they cannot deliver your items on time


Last minute cancellation of a washing machine so I wasted a day off on Thursday. Then they promised they would deliver on Saturday, which I confirmed with them - 'will you definitely deliver on Saturday? I do not want to waste another day off' 'Yes, we will deliver on Saturday'. I received two text messages saying they would deliver today and they gave me an exact timeframe in a text yesterday. I was sat waiting around and phoned them. They then said they did not even have the washing machine and to get in touch with the company I ordered from. Another wasted day. Absolutely horrendous.