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Shipment didn't arrive, no one is even apologetic

The shipment never arrived on the scheduled day. No one even bothered to pick up the phone and to let us know that the shipment isn't coming. Called customer service, they were very non-apologetic over the fact that I paid people to sit here ready to unpack a truck that was not coming today. When I called they said "it happens sometimes". I understand a lot of things and even that a shipment is late, but at least have the decency to pick up the phone and let people know that the shipment isn't coming today. This is very unprofessional!


Estes has a very good shipping efficiency. And the guy who is responsible for delivering packages in our community is a very dedicated and nice person. He never missed a package for years. We all love him and much appreciated for his commitment.

A reliable courier!

Package arrived so quick

Package lost

Package sent by one of my friend through Estes was lost on the way to my house.

Help me a lot!

My company can't develop without Estes Tracking

I will only use Estes Tracking and would never consider any other service.

I cooperate with this company years, it done every aspects as original, just so good!

Five stars service!

Every aspects are do well, five stars you deserved it!

everything is good

the package arrived faster then I have expected.

not perfect

The condition of the parcel is good, everything is fine except for the time of delivery. This is longer than I expected.