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    Get reliable tracking information on your freight shipments with Estes tracking on TrackingMore.


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    • How Can I Track My Estes Express Package?
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    Estes Express Tracking

    Sending LTL freight packages across the 50 states and North America can be an anxiety-inducing process for businesses and individuals. Estes Express tracking helps relieve this pressure by giving you up-to-date tracking information on freight packages the company is shipping.

    With just the freight load’s tracking ID, you can conveniently know its whereabouts, the stage of the delivery process, and when to expect it at your designated delivery address. Estes tracking is possible through the courier’s main website and TrackingMore. This article is for you if you are looking for ways to securely track your Estes Express freight packages from dispatch to delivery.

    How Can I Track My Estes Express Package?

    Timely and trustworthy package tracking information is critical for ensuring a wonderful post-purchase experience. When shipping your freight package with Estes Express, you can follow the shipment’s movement through the following ways.

    • Via the Official Estes Express Website

    Estes Express tracking page

    The Estes Express website features an efficient track and trace tool to deliver timely information on any freight package being shipped through the courier’s established logistics network. You can track the shipment status of your package by following the prompts below.

    1. Visit the Estes Express website.
    2. On the homepage, enter your package tracking number into the tracking tool.
    3. Click the Track Now button and wait for the results to load on a new page.
    4. Click on the Shipment History drop-down menu to view all tracking events.

    Estes Express tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore Estes Express tracking page

    TrackingMore’s online tracking tool is the best independent alternative for keeping tabs on the movements of your Estes Express freight packages throughout the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Caribbean. The platform is simple to use with this quick process.

    1. Open the TrackingMore website on a trusted web browser.
    2. Click on Carriers from the homepage and search Estes Express from the carrier list.
    3. Select the freight carrier and proceed to enter your package tracking number.
    4. Hit the Track button and tracking information on the freight package will load instantly.

    TrackingMore Estes Express tracking status

    Less-than-truckload freight packages often have to change hands between different logistics service providers when shipping domestically and cross-border. Maintaining full shipment visibility in such scenarios requires a multi-carrier tracking platform like TrackingMore where businesses can monitor the statuses of their packages. 

    TrackingMore offers a tracking API for the eCommerce and logistics industry that supports over 1100 global couriers like China Post, Canada Post, and Mexico Post. This integration ensures businesses can keep tracking Estes Express freight packages without any challenges and have the latest tracking information to help them solve WISMO queries and have close communication with customers.

    Estes Express Tracking Number

    In 2022, Estes Express handled over seven million tonnes of freight packages. The only way the company managed to satisfy its customers and deliver the right freight package each time was by assigning them unique tracking numbers. These tracking numbers help to identify individual freight items and allow shippers and recipients to monitor them comprehensively along the shipment journey.

    Standard Estes Express freight tracking numbers consist entirely of numerals and have 10 characters. When these tracking numbers are entered into the Estes Express parcel tracking tool, users will be updated on the status of their freight parcel and know which service the shipment was delivered through.

    Some examples of genuine Estes Express freight tracking numbers are as follows.



    These freight tracking numbers can be found on the postage receipt or in the shipment confirmation email that Estes sends to recipients.

    Estes Express Tracking Status

    When the freight package tracking IDs are keyed into the tracking tool on Estes Express, they return different tracking statuses that must be understood to ensure a comprehensive tracking experience and proper expectation management. In the table below, some of the common Estes Express tracking statuses are explained.

    Estes Express Tracking Status


    Pickup location serviced

    A pickup driver has been sent to the shipper’s location to collect the freight package.

    Shipment picked up

    The Estes driver has collected the shipment from the sender. 

    Loaded at Estes facility at Charlotte, NC (010)

    The package has been loaded onto an Estes delivery trailer at Charlotte, NC facility 010.

    Trailer closed at Estes facility at Charlotte, NC (010)

    The delivery trailer is full after package consolidation and is now cleared for departure.

    Departed Estes facility at Charlotte, NC (010)

    The Estes delivery trailer has left the Charlotte, NC facility with the package.

    En route to delivery facility at Greensboro, NC (017)

    The package is in transit to Estes delivery facility 017 at Greensboro, NC.

    Arrived at Greensboro, NC (017) delivery facility

    Your freight package was successfully delivered and scanned at the Estes delivery facility in Greensboro.

    Loaded for delivery at Greensboro, NC (017) delivery facility

    The freight package is being moved to another delivery trailer at the Estes facility in Greensboro, NC.

    Trailer closed for delivery at Greensboro, NC (017) delivery facility

    The trailer carrying your Estes freight package is full now and can depart the delivery facility.

    Assigned to driver at Greensboro, NC (017) delivery facility

    The last-mile delivery driver for your freight has been assigned and given the green light to deliver the package to your specified location.

    Out for delivery

    An Estes delivery trailer carrying your package has left the Greensboro facility and is in transit to the delivery location.

    Arrived at delivery location

    The Estes delivery trailer has arrived at the delivery location and will be unloaded shortly.

    Unloaded at delivery location

    The Estes Express team at your delivery location has unloaded the delivery trailer.

    Delivery completed

    The freight package has been delivered to the recipient successfully.

    About Estes Express

    Estes Express is one of the largest freight-handling companies in the US. It was founded in 1931 by W.W. Estes who bought an old Chevrolet truck to help his neighbors transport their livestock. Faced with the ravages of the Great Depression at the time, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to register Estes Express formally and begin operations which have been going from strength to strength over the 90+ years the company has existed.

    From its humble beginnings, Estes Express has grown into a formidable brand in the logistics and freight handling industry. Today, the company employs over 22,000 employees and has a fleet exceeding 40,000 trucks plus a robust network of 270+ terminals in the US and Canada. Estes Express also ships to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. In 2022, the company handled over seven million tonnes weight of freight and in 2023 was named the Carrier of the Year by C.H. Robinson.

    How to Contact Estes Express Customer Support

    Are you facing any challenges with Estes Express products and services? Their customer support is always willing to help. You can contact them with your queries on the following lines.

    Support Type

    Contact Method



    Customer Care Team


    [email protected]

    Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST



    Corporate Headquarters

    Office Location

    3901 West Broad Street

    Richmond, VA 23230

    Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

    Postal Address

    P.O. Box 25612

    Richmond, VA 23260


    1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748)


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