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Tracciatura GDEX italia-Trackingmore supporta la connessione a Aliexpress, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce e altri. Esso offre GDEX API agli sviluppatori per la gestione delle tracciature e invia email ed SMS personalizzati sugli aggiornamenti delle spedizioni automaticamente.


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Meena and team have provided great service with follow-up and responsive services. I am happy with services, and delivery times. Many thanks Meena and team. Keep up the good work. I used the KL-SG and SG-KL courier services which delivered the documents in a reasonable 3 days. The price is very reasonable too. You would have to pay 2-3x more for other courier services If you want faster delivery of 1 day and hourly tracking.

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within 24 hours?? 48 hours jor still not yet leh bro 玩玩

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I hope gdex tak mengecewakan pls, tengok feedback semua bad service, but tgk tracking barang dah pickup but pls jangan sampai seminggu untuk pos ke Kuantan

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S KY Choo

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Meena for her invaluable help and assistance. My client sent me a envelope from KL on Friday . And it arrived in GDex Singapore on 14th Monday. As the matter was urgent and turnaround time was important as I have to sign and return the documents. I went personally to the and Meena managed to retrieve the document . And I don't have to wait for door delivery. On 15th Tuesday morning, I again went to GDex and Meena was there to personally send out the documents. My airbill number is 5055 0276 44 & 5055 0276 66. Thank you Meena. Stephen Choo

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Haslan binharuna

Napa masih inbound sy punya barang tu dah 3 hari dah . MY40413431140

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Agent called to pick up parcel (from my company's care package) at Selangor address but I've back to hometown at Johor, he then told that he brought back to and asked me to arrange delivery again once I come back. Customer service called on following days to follow up and suggested to change address. Finally, the sender agrees to change address and GDEX CS called to confirm again. I'm impressed with their service, if not mistaken, the agent is named Amy with guy's voice.

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停留一个地方 超级慢 每天搜了 还是同个地方 超过四天

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167.169 MP 39 KR Jalan Salleh 84000 Muar Johor

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Fab Jan

After reading all these reviews about parcels taking 2-3 weeks to deliver from WM to EM, I guess I won't be seeing my parcel in the near future. Why did my sender opted for them instead of other couriers which are cheaper and more efficient. If others can, why can't you?

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Janice Leong

I sent a parcel from Singapore to Puchong (Selangor) . Very urgent parcel because it was a birthday gift. I was told it will take 2-4 working days. And it did arrive on time. I know that there are many negative comments here from bad experiences, mine was good and I will share it here.

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Complaint Atomy why appoint Gdex for delivery agent service suck ! Stupid Atomy my order 1k since 15/9 at Segambut till 22/9 still not deliver to address Sentul. Call the Malay girl take message yes will call Segambut since 2 days ago launch complaint noone return my call

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Tolong cepat sikit laa buad kerja barang ada kat seberang jaa pon tu pon lembab ka mau boikot trus jaa gdex ni buad kerja mein mein j&t kalau sehari dah boleh sampai

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Online tracking system tulis out for delivery jam 9.38am.tunggu sampai jam 4ptg pon blom datang2

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Semua komen kat sini saya baca semua negative. Semua kata gdex bad service. Tapi ada ke dia baca? Dah bape tahun pun masih sama performance. Mcm haram dari dulu. Seller tolong boikot GDEX!

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初一十五就讲要休息 常休不要做了,直接关门吧 别开来继续害人

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cf tia

hi good day, may i know when will your kuala terengganu branch resume operation? It still closed today. thank you.

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cf tia

hi good day. may i know when will your kuala terengganu resume operation? it is still xl9sed today. thank you.

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Bad services

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真的很烂,拜托结束营业吧!别这样耽误大家…… 拜托

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